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UPDATED 12.23pm 8th April 2018.

8th April 2018

Sorry about the new email programme. The punctuation went awry.

Also, sadly, over forty emails bounced back as spam or undeliverable. If you are on the list and didn't get the email you need to be sure updates@BudeCountyGrammar.org is on your safe list and/or not lost in a spam folder.

It is annoying how email programmes supposed to protect us, make a mess of what we'd actually like to receive.

Subscribe again (top index) if you have changed your email address. It is about time permanent email addresses were issued at birth!



8th April 2018

I think I have asked this before, but I'd really appreciate some help. There appears to be a missing Speech Day programme between 1965 and 1966. I know that sounds silly, but if you check the links on the top left side of the page, you will find that the 1965 Speech Day took place on 4th February 1965, but the 1966 Speech Day was on 24th November 1966.

However, if you look at the names in the classes for each of those two years, you will find that they have jumped a whole year. The only conclusion is that there must have been another Speech Day between those two dates and it would be nice to fill the gap.

The missing programme should have Mary Curtis, John Harris, Susan Wright and Margaret Cobbledick etc. in the Upper Sixth.

Does anyone have a copy of that missing programme?



7th April 2018

Laura Cornish has let me have this 'lost' photograph of the 1949 fifth form.

1949 Fith Form



My Dad, DAVID CORNISH, is the fifth on the top row! They have the full list of names at their house. I will see if I can get them to you.

Laura Cornish

If you would like to see a larger version, click this link.

15th March 2018

Now, this is an interesting communication. It is incredibly sweet, so I thought I'd include it here. Would Jill Carter please let me know (updates@budecountygrammar.org) if she wants to be put in touch with José. I will not pass any information on without expressed permission. These are the two reunion pictures which contain Jill and to which I think he is referring. Permission to put his letter on this page has been requested and granted. Ed.


2013 Bude County Grammar School April Reunion 2013 Bude County Grammar School April Reunion

Dear sirs,

A long time ago (1959) when taking an engineer degree at London University, I met and became friend of a lovely girl named Jill Carter, from Bude.

I came back to Portugal after resuming my studies in the UK, but later on, as I became managing director of ###### ###### plant in Portugal, I had to visit ###`s head quarters and plants in England quite often and whenever possible I tried to saw Jill for talks and lunch. She was then a sweet and beautiful girl I liked very much, and for a while we managed to keep in touch, seeing each other whenever possible.

After a while though, I don´t recall why, we lost track of each other and that was it.

Then, last week, looking at an old album I saw a picture of Jill and decided to try to find out her whereabouts, taking advantage of the modern tools at our disposal (i.e. Google) to do so. I wrote down her name and what I thought to be her birth`s place (Bude), and the miracle happened. There she was sweet, beautiful and fresh as I remember her - 18 years old – standing as 1956`s surf queen of Great Britain (!?) a “title” she never mentioned me to have achieved, by the way. Then, taking my research a step deeper, I had a look at the site of the Bude County Grammar School and there she was again, still fresh and still beautiful, 60 years older, in a reunion of former students organized by David Knight whom I’ve tried to reach directly without success. [Sadly David died last year - see archive news. Ed.]

I´m sorry to be such a nuisance and trust you´ll forgive me to bother you with details of a story which means nothing to you, but I would be much obliged if you could get me Jill´s present address (electronic address if possible) so I could get in touch with her once again, after all these years.

Yours sincerely,

(My English has become a bit rusty…sorry)

José Corrêa de Sampaio

[Unfortunately I don't have contact details for Jill, otherwise I'd have contacted her by email to ask if she wanted to be put in touch. If anyone knows her, please tell her to view this page. If she'd like this item removed she will need to conact me direct. As always, your data is not shared, even with Cambridge Analytica! Ed.]

11th February 2018

Does anyone have any images from the last reunion organised by David Knight? Surely someone must have taken a camera?



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