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18th October 2017

I saw this news on the Nostalgic Bude Facebook Page. I know many former pupils still remember the trains. You might like to offer your support.

'CONNECT BUDE' is holding it's annual Public meeting this Saturday at the Falcon Hotel.

Please come and hear all the latest news and information about our progress, and about the exciting developments at Okehampton that promises to bring a regular rail service closer to Bude!

Please spread the word.

'To reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Railway Network' Connect Bude is holding a Public Meeting and AGM at 11am on Sat 21 Oct at The Falcon Hotel.

All are welcome to hear about progress to date, ask questions and to join the group.

A year ago, on the 50th anniversary of the closure of the railway line to Bude, 150 people attended (or sent apologies for) a public meeting in Bude, which had been called to gauge the level of interest in starting a campaign to reintroduce rail services to Bude and Holsworthy. The astonishing level of support led directly to the creation of ‘Connect Bude’ which is now a formally constituted group with officers, bank account and logo.

11th September 2017

Joan Rodd

John Tyson has just sent this through. He says:

Sadly, another one lost….

Although a year below us, Chris was always in our group. Paul Vickerstaff (his cousin), Mike Smith and the recently departed Dave Harris, to name but a few.

Joan Rodd 11th September 2017

Sorry, more bad news passed to me by Andrew Rodd.

Very sad to announce the death of Joan Mary Rodd (Yeo) aged 90 Joan was married to Rocky Rodd and mother to Jean and Andrew who also attended the Grammar school.

Funeral at Marhamchurch at 12.30 on Thursday and at the Falcon at 1.30

All welcome


Andrew Rodd

Michael Scheininger 21st August 2017

Email from Michael Scheininger wishing his frieds well.

As a former pupil of BGS who was a classmate of Roger Cobbledick, John Spry, John Kenyon, Julia Vann, Valerie Furze, to name but a few, I would appreciate being added to your list. Regretfully I have not returned to my former village of Stratton for 17 years but I do think fondly of my schooldays and those I knew and had contact with often wondering where they are.

Kind regards,

Michael Scheininger

If anyone would like to contact Michael, write c/o the updates@budecountygrammar.org address and I'll forward it.

Editor's note: 6th August 2017

Apologies. I switched from a PC to a Mac and it took a while to sort out my websites and learn a new web management program, hence the delays in adding much to the site. Puttimg that right now.

We've booked a house-sitter to look after the cats, which gives us a chance to get away. We'll be in Bude 23rd to 27th August and also 2nd to 5th September. You can contact us on our Facebook page if you are also in the area. We're staying in the Falcon the first few days.

Peter Corney 6th August 2017

Email from Brian Watchorn who wants to contact a pupil from Bude with whom he was at college.

Dear Bude School Website,

I am eager to get in contact with an old college friend (King Alfred's teacher training college - Winchester) Peter Corney, who was a former pupil of Bube County grammer school 1963-70. He would have been at college from September 1970-73. I'd be most grateful if you have contact details for him, to forward mine onto him.

Many thanks and best wishes

Brian Watchorn

If you can help Brian, write to him c/o the updates@budecountygrammar.org address and I'll forward it. Thanks to Pete Watts for pointing out that he and his brother Rob are in the 1967 school panoramas.

David Harris6th August 2017

Email from John Tyson regarding David Harris. He also provided the image.

I have lost a good friend, who was my teenage “wingman”. More regrettably, his family have lost a husband, father, father in law and grandfather.

I have attached the notice that appeared in the Bude & Stratton Post, as well as a picture of David in happier times, on the occasion of my wedding in 1973.

With great sadness

John Tyson

More about David on 2nd May 2017 item below.

7th July 2017

Information from Ruth Knight about David's funeral.

Sorry about this impersonal way of sending this but there are so many people on David's email address.

David's funeral service is going to be on Monday 17th July 2017 at 12md at St Mary's church Twickenham, where he sang in the choir for many years. The burial will be followed at Teddington cemetery at Shacklegate Lane, Teddington and afterwards there will be refreshments at NPL sports club,Bushy Road, off Queens Road, Teddington.

For those who have asked if anything will be held at Stratton, Cornwall - we are thinking how we can do something there but it won't be anything formal. Suggestions welcome.

Thank you for all the cards and kind condolences we've had.

Regards Ruth

Anne Dineen (Bosson)7th July 2017

Yet more bad news passed to me by Jackie Adams.

Tony, another message from Bude just in case you have not been informed. I am beginning to feel like the 'grim reaper' rather hope we don't hear anymore for a while.

This time it is similar to the one sent recently - (that is in name)

Anne Veronica Dineen (nee Bosson) of Oxford and Bude passed peacefully away at Stratton Hospital on Wed June 28th aged 80 years. Funeral is on Wednesday next 12th July at St Michael's Bude. Just incase you didn't recall where she lived it was The Lodge, Church Path, Bude almost opposite the Church. Her husband, Peter, is quite poorly but will probably be able to attend, as I shall.

The earlier Dineen (below) was her sister in law.

Best wishes, Jackie

Margaret Dineen (Heard)22nd June 2017

Sorry, more bad news passed to me by Jackie Adams.

She says, "Sad to relate yet again the death of Margaret Dineen (nee Heard) who came from Hereford of late. She had been to her brother, Francis's funeral and after returning sadly passed away. She would be around the same age as me (79) and would have been the 1949 intake."





David Knight18th June 2017

It is with regret that I have to pass on information provided by Jackie Adams.

She says, "I have just had a message from Mike Bowman to say that Dave Knight had died in the last few days, rather suddenly, although we knew he was not in good health. I'm sure people would appreciate knowing although I have no details of his life, or anything to add. He did work tirelessly with the Grammar School Reunions but I'm afraid this is happening more and more."

If anyone can provide additional information I will put it on the site. Tony.




David Harris David Harris 2nd May 2017Dave Harris.jpg

It is with regret that I have to pass on information provided by Roger Hunter.

Sadly David Harris died recently. I'll provide any other information if it becomes available.












20th April 2017

Final notice from David Knight about the upcoming reunion

- o O o -

Bude Grammar School Reunion 28 April 2017:

3rd and last call!

To class of 1948 and adjoining, and younger, classes

Dear All,

This is the last reminder for the reunion. If you are still thinking about it, now is the time to get in touch. We look forward to a good get-together on the day. To recap, the reunion will be at the Falcon Hotel, Bude, starting at 7.30pm on Friday 28th April 2017. Dress: informal.

We are having a buffet like last time's, and the price of £15 will allow us to get some soft drink to go with it.

Some people will be coming without taking the buffet, but in that case, let one of us know if we are not already aware, to guide us on numbers.

Any outstanding cheques for £15 per person for the buffet should be sent to Mrs June Crispin, payable to June Crispin - address available from updates@budecountygrammar.org Please also give any special requirement, such as gluten free or vegetarian.

On 18 April, June had received about 17 definite bookings for the buffet, and we hope for one or two more. We try to leave a bit of slack for people who hear at the last minute, or who might have been away.

In such cases please phone one of us. Around 30 of us came in April 2015, and we hope to approach that level this time.

Please come if you can ... we should love to see you.

Best regards,

David David J E Knight

10th March 2017

More from David Knight about the upcoming reunion - will attendees please remember to take cameras and then remember to take pictures with them and then remember to send them to updates@budecountygrammar.org Thanks, ED.

Note I have removed phone numbers and emails from this post for privacy reasons. Use the updates@budecountygrammar.org address if you don't know someone's email or phone and I'll forward it.

- o O o -

To class of 1948 and adjoining, and younger, classes

Dear All,

2nd Announcement: this year's reunion on 28th April

The reunion will be in the Carriage Room at the Falcon Hotel, Bude (as last time), starting at 7.30pm on Friday 28th April 2017. Dress: informal.

June Crispin has arranged a buffet like last time's, and the price of 15.00 pounds will include a soft drink. Drinks generally are left to people to buy at the bar. Any amount left over will first go to help defray the treasurer's postage costs.

Cheques for 15 pounds per person should be sent to Mrs June Crispin as soon as possible, and as far as possible by 14 April, to give us an idea of numbers. June's telephone number is ##### ######, and her email is ######@#########.###. Please tell her any special catering requirements, such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

We have had a good response since I sent the first notice on 31 January, some 12 of us are already coming, and we are telephoning some people not on email. In the Bude area you can contact Jackie Adams (##### ######) or Trevor Lashbrook (##### ######).

Please pass on the information to anyone you think might be interested, even those ten years younger than we 48-ers, and there are quite a few who are older who still come. Partners and friends may come as well. Thirty of us came in April 2015, and it would be good to see more this April: the room should hold up to 60.

We hope people from the Bude area will come, as well as some of us from further away. The whole point is for people to have a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

I understand that the Falcon Hotel is fully booked over the reunion date, but there will be rooms available in Bude. The Bude Tourist Information Centre in the Crescent is on tel. 01288 354240. They are open 10-4, 7 days, and will book free of charge.

Best regards to all,


David J E Knight


Elizabeth Colwill (Marston)

19th February 2017

Jackie Adams has sent me the following:

It was with great sadness to hear yesterday that ELIZABETH COLWILL (nee Marston) passed away on Friday February 17th 2017. Following a fall about three weeks ago certain complications arose and there were several trips to and fro to Barnstaple Hospital. Elizabeth and family ran 'Wooda' Caravan Park at Poughill and she and all the family worked so very hard to maintain the wonderful standard and service they provided. Our thoughts go to her family and to Dick (her brother) and his wife.

Shirley Baker (Vodden)


17th February 2017

Allan Vodden is sad to report that his sister, Shirley Baker, who is in the 1952 photograph, died in July 2016 in Sherborne, Dorset. She moved there a few years after leaving the Grammar School and lived there ever since.

17th February 2017

Pete Watts thinks he's identified the cross country runners. See the page under features in the left index.

11th February 2017

David Morgan has sent me copies of his sister's speech day programme from 1953. It is quite interesting to see how formats changed during the life of the school. You'll find it in the left index - scroll down to the SPEECH DAYS index. Most programmes are are large images which you can download for your own family histories

10th February 2017

David Knight is organising a reunion for 28th April 2017. This is his first preliminary announcement for it. To prevent spam etc. I have removed the phone numbers and addresses from David's notice, but if you write to updates@budecountygrammar.org with REUNION in the subject I will forward your emails to David.

I hope you have a great time and can someone remember to take a camera!!



Bude Grammar School Reunion

To class of 1948 and adjoining, and younger, classes

Dear All,

1st Preliminary announcement: this year's reunion on 28th April

Following on from our series of reunions started in 2002, I have booked the Carriage Room at the Falcon Hotel in Bude on the night of Friday 28 April next, two weeks after Easter. We plan to have a buffet, starting round 7.30pm, broadly as before, keeping the cost per head to the region of 15 pounds.

We hope for a good group of attendees: last time, in 2015 (I had been unwell), we were just under 30, but we had a good time. It will be an informal evening, and it is not necessary to have attended Bude Grammar School to come along, nor will it be necessary to take the buffet. Partners and friends will be welcome. We also hope progressively younger groups, to years of 1955 or so, will join in. It's an occasion for groups of friends to meet and talk.

As before, I will send out the emails, June Crispin (tel.: ######) will negotiate with the Falcon and collect the money, and Trevor Lashbrook in Bude (tel.: #######) will act locally, and telephone people.

In the nature of things, fewer of us are now left: in the past year Mary Preston nee Wonnacott, Brian Tondeur and Colin Hoskin have died. I also expect to have lost a few contacts on email. Last time, Tony Harmsworth who runs the www.budecountygrammar.org web site, was kind enough to post news of our reunion, and 4 new people joined us that way.

The Falcon Hotel tell me that, with the event discount, staying there will cost 105 pounds per night for two sharing a double room, and 72 pounds for a single person, B&B. Falcon Hotel: tel.: 01288 352005.

At this point, please note the date in your diary, and, if thinking of staying at the Falcon, consider booking early, mentioning our event, because people may be booking for other weekend events run in parallel.

Please also contact friends who may be interested, and I should be grateful to hear if you contemplate coming.

Best regards,

David J E Knight

PS I should also point to the existence of the _Nostalgic Bude_ Facebook group, which Mike Whitaker and Trevor Lashbrook and others use, and Colin Hoskin suggested I tell you about.


10th February 2017

I had an email from Sue Upham who gives some news and has helped correct more of the errors on the 1971 photograph.

Hi Tony (I gather you are the one curating Bude Grammar info),

I had a good look around the BCG website for the first time today - what fun to see old pictures and speech day info etc. I have been out of touch for decades, as my family moved away from the area (actually way far away; we emigrated to Canada), so I have missed reunions and so on ever since, unfortunately.

Anyway, I noticed a couple of individuals you marked as unknown, or with incomplete names in the 1971 photo, and I can help you out. In the back row unknown 25 is Jacqueline Stewart. Also, you have a Russell there. I'm pretty sure his name was Clifford; we were in the same form.

And a correction to my name; I am in the 3rd row between Jane Murphy and Carolyn Robinson. My name is Susan Upham, not Upton. And I'm incorrectly listed as absent below the photo.

Anyway, I am retired now and I often come back to England and spend time in the west country (I still miss the old country a lot), and I would love to be kept informed about reunions; it would be great to get to one some day.


Sue Upham (married, but kept my maiden name)


10th February 2017

Jackie Adams writes with some sad news. I guess this column is going to be peppered with such items over the years to come. Makes you think.:    

Dear Tony,

I had an email from Jeanette Rundle today (from New Zealand) and she told me that sadly Geoffrey had died on October 18th 2016 after a prolonged illness. I don't know whether anyone , other than Trevor House and myself remember him but we corresponded for many years, he was about 2/3 years older than me which would put him in the 80s.

I remember him from when he and his family lived briefly at 'Red Gables' Killerton Road, Bude back in the very early 50s although we had never met ! I thought you would like to know this for the website.

Hope you are well, I think I see that you are retired, would I be right? which gives you more time to look for Nessie I suppose.

Love to Wendy and yourself

Jackie Adams, Bude

Well, sort of retired. The Nessie thing is dead and did my bit to pull the plug on it. I've been writing science fiction recently and that is why this site hasn't had the attention it deserves for some time. At a writing conference in London on 4th March and hope to get to Bude as soon as we're able. Will look you up when we're down. Never did get that coffee!


10th February 2017

Bob Coombe has sent me four images from a trip to Coventry in 1971. Any more info anyone? You'll find these in the School Groups index on the right where you can click them and then zoom in as normal.

Coventry Trip 1971 Coventry Trip 1971 Coventry Trip 1971 Coventry Trip 1971


10th February 2017

An email from Mike Hutchins:    

Good Evening

Have just spent an interesting hour looking at old photos of classmates. I was at Bude Grammar School from 1952 to 1958 and am in the 1956 school pictures.

Would be very interested in hearing of any future reunion.

With best wishes

Mike Hutchings (sister Barbara in the same photo).


10th February 2017

Ray Boyd has sent a photograph of the school under construction in 1909. I've put larger versions of the image under 'Demise of the School' in the Features index on the left.    


I thought your readers might be interested in the attached photo, from September 1908, which shows the Grammar School main building under construction at the top of King Street.

I've also attached a zoomed in detail.


Ray Boyd (1961 - 68)

School under construction 1908 1908 zoom


10th February 2017/h3>

I've had this thank you for the reunion email from Joanna Kalusinska.   


Just to say , I do appreciate receiving your mails, even if some bear sad news.

I haven't been in touch earlier as I've had a broken wrist & other problems to deal with.

I enjoyed last year's reunion very much (can't remember if I already thanked you for organizing it).

Warm regards,

Joanna K

10th February 2017

I've had this query email from John Beksa about seventies' headmaster Graham Bacon. If you can help then email udates@budecountygrammar.org and I'll forward your reply.   

I am trying to contact Graham Bacon, who I believe became headmaster at Bude Grammar School in the early 1970s.

He taught me English at Tupton Hall Grammar School in the mid 1960s.

If anyone has any idea of his current whereabouts please contact me.

 Kind regards,

John Beksa


10th February 2017

Peter Watts has made a stab at some of the missing names from the 1966 teachers' picture. See the staff index on the right. Still some gaps and also in the Staff Hockey team on the same page. He's also suggested names for the 19xx sports day picture. Gill Cole has also sorted out a few names for us. Can we not sort out what year this is, please? See under staff on right. Andy Watts suggests it might be 1971 - does anyone disagree? He also says his father Rev Watts is in the background.      


10th February 2017

Adrian Abbott has sent me some Cross Country pictures and I've put them in the features section in the left index. If you go there you can click on them to enlarge them. I've also put them below with Adrian's email.

Hi Tony,

I came across these photos recently of one of the last school cross country races. I have no details of the date or who the athletes were as it is after my time. We used to finish on the towpath but here I see the finish was at the bathing pool.

Cheers Adrian.

Cross Country Cross Country Cross Country

10th February 2017

Tim Bridgeman has sent us some more photographs of the Devonia cruise trip in 1965. You'll find the cruise page in the index on the right and much larger clickable versions of the images. I reproduce his email here as it gives some information which will be of interest to pupils who knew him or his father.

1965 cruise 1965 cruise 1965 cruise 1965 cruise

Hi Tony,


I have been sorting out some things and came across some slides of the 1965 School Cruise on the Devonia, not many of them seem to show people but a few are attached here. Couldn’t tell you who the people are!


I am also looking for a picture that I am sure I still have of the play ‘Inherit the Wind’ in which I was Mr. Meaker. It must have been in 1965 or 1966 as I left Bude in 1966.


I was at BGS from 1961 to 1966. My father, Rev. Len Bridgeman, was minister at Bude Central Methodist Church and many of us attended the youth group there. My father died age 94 last year and my mother age 91 in 2014. They were living in Shetland where my sister, Sue, and her family still live.


When we left Bude in 1966 we went to live in Sidmouth and from there I went to Westminster College, Oxford to train as a teacher. My family moved to Slough while I was there and after getting my B.Ed. I started my teaching career in Slough.


In January 1976,after a term training in Birmingham, I went to Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific as a teacher at Goldie College, a United Church school on a small island in the Western Province of the Solomons. I was mainly teaching maths and R.E., although expat teachers were expected to teach whatever there was no local teacher available for. I was involved in the development of Solomon Islands School Certificate and many other things in the islands. I married Wendy, in 1979. She is from Northern Ireland and we met in Birmingham. We had a stillborn son in 1983 and eventually left Solomon Islands at the end of 1987 after 12 wonderful years and returned to Birmingham for a year. Our time in Solomon Islands was very precious and in 2013 we returned for a short  visit which was a wonderful experience as we met up with many former students who are now in positions of responsibility in the government, church and business there.


In 1989 we went to live in Rotherham where I taught Religious Studies at Wickersley Comprehensive School. While there we adopted 2 brothers who were aged 4 and 3 at the time.


In 1997 I became Head of R.S. at Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe, Lancashire where we still live. I retired from teaching a few years ago and am now working part-time on the meat, fish and deli counter in Sainsburys! Our boys are now age 30 and 29 and we have 3 grandsons and 3 sort of step-grandsons age 9, 8, 7, 5, 4 and 18 months.


It is very interesting to see all the BGS info you are gathering for the website and I occasionally come across names I recognise from my time there. Wendy and I visited Bude whilst on holiday in Cornwall in 2008.


If I find any more pictures or info on the play I will try and send them to you.


Tim Bridgeman 4th February 2016


10th February 2017

Can anyone help Kate Compston's memory?

I have a hazy memory from early childhood of a man with a dancing bear, seen on at least one occasion in the Strand. Am I imagining this - or was it perhaps someone else in a bear suit? I remember being distressed to see a bear on a chain being made to dance, which suggests it might have been real. But surely not? Any time from 1950 onwards ....

10th February 2017

Roger Cobbledick has sent me some corrections to the 1956 picture names. I have corrected the ones  he is

sure about, but he is also querying the following as possible errors. Can anyone shed any light on which might be correct?


Also I have suspicions about W. Clocke (sixth row), B. Clocke (sixth row), R. Clocke (second row)     Cloke?

D. Soby in the fifth row (Sobey?)

J. Barett and T. Barett in the fourth row (Barrett?)

P. Stadden in the third row (Staddon?)


Also I have doubts about Roda, Croisdale, and Tucher 

SEE THE ARCHIVES (near the top of the left index) FOR EARLIER NEWS