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1959 Bude County Grammar School Speech Day Winners

Thanks to Roger Hunter for noticing this image which appears on the Bude Past & Present website. Thanks to Roger Cobbledick for most of the names. Can anyone fill in the gaps? It's such an awful picture. Names are shown below the picture. Click the picture to see the largest resolution. You can also see the programme for this event on this page.

1959 School Prize Winners 

So who are they from left to right above?

Back row: John Beare; Michael Brock, Unknown3; Michael Wright; Brian Parish; Trevor Huxtable; Geoff Rice; Andrew Hopgood; Maurice Stanbury; unknown10; unknown11; unknown12; Tony Saltern; Edward Pusey; Michael Heard; John Dando; Richard Boon; Roger Cobbledick; John Stedwill; unknown20; David Hopgood

Front row: Pat Martyn, Maureen Gliddon; Jane Sanderson; Rosemary Tape; Lesley Wilkes; Celia Cory; Ann Sweet; Dorolyn Venner; unknown9; Jennifer Cory; unknown11; Angela Philips