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12th January 2016

For those who were involved in the contact attempt with Brian Tondeur, it appears to have been resolved.


John Selby14th January 2015


John Selby writes:

Well done for organizing this reunion. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it as I am living near Cape Town ,S.Africa and do not plan to be in the UK this year. However keep up the good work


John Selby

26th April 2014

Janet Ainley (Budd)Janet Ainley (Budd) writes:

I do want to keep updated about any of my former classmates. Trouble is I left BGS at the end of the summer term 1966 and moved up to Bristol and have lost touch with all of them. Can anyone possibly help with the whereabouts of Susan Mulhall (nee Daw) and Rosemary Tupper.  I see there is nothing against their photo profile but I guess this is still being developed?

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