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Trevor (right) with brother Mike outside the Brendan Arms10th May 2016

I regret that Dave Gliddon has had to contact me again, but this time with sad news. The image shows Trevor on the right with his brother Mike in August 2015.

This was Dave's email:

Hello Tony,

 Sadly my younger brother Trevor passed away aged 61 on Friday 6th May after suffering a brain haemorrhage. Despite every best effort by doctors at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth they were unable to save him.

Would you be kind enough to publish details of his funeral which will be on Friday 20th May at 2 p.m. at St Marwhenne's church Marhamchurch.

If anyone needs further details they can contact me on  DavidGliddon@BudeCountyGrammar.org.

Many thanks

Dave Gliddon

1st May 2016

I've been contacted by Dave Gliddon re a reunion as follows:

A few of us have arranged an "informal" get together after the success of last years reunion.

Via Facebook we've already got 8 of our year group who started in 1965 meeting up for the weekend of 6th & 7th August. We'll be in or around the Brendon Arms from midday on Saturday 6th. No formal food or tickets just a few beers, people can order food etc if they want it.

Most are staying around for Sunday as well. Everyone is welcome. So far we have myself, Pete Watts, Malcolm Townrow, John Grylls, Dave Gilbert, John Vanstone, Michael Bennett. Further details from: DavidGliddon@BudeCountyGrammar.org


Dave Gliddon

30th April 2016

I have a few items in my inbox to put on the site and I'll do that during May. If you have anything of interest try to let me have it during the next week. Email updates@budecountygrammar.org.

28th March 2016

Nick Barnard is visiting Bude on the 15th 16th and 17th April and would be delighted if anyone would like to meet up. Email updates@budecountygrammar.org to be put in touch.

13th January 2016

Forgot to mention that the August 2015 reunion page has finally been added. You'll find it in the left index. It covered all years so take a  look - you might find lots of old friends there ... if you can recognise them 44 years after the school closed.

12th January 2016

This is a bit of a round up as I let everything mount up after the August reunion, have been busy on other

things and also had two cataract operations, so the Bude site tended to take a back seat. I've now just thrashed at bringing it up to date.

I strongly recommend you scroll down to the item dated July and then gradually scroll back up to get yourselves up to speed.

Important additions are:

Names have just been added for the 1955 teacher's group in the right hand index.

I have just added a new section in the right index thanks to Adrian Abbott - 1966 Austria Group.

Adrian's book about Bude can be found on the links page (Links is an index at the top of the page).

I've just added some honours lists (1911 to 1970) from David Knight in the Features section on the left.

Angela Holman's (Pickard) poem is now also in the Features index on the left. Well worth reading.

I've added a second image to the 1989 reunion page. It shows the other non-pupils who were present. Again in the left index.

School pictures for 1929, 1930 and 1956 are now in the right hand index.

There are reunions needing information. Can you please check out the reunion index on the left. One shows as 19?? - someone must know when it was. The 20?? reunion - when was it? Any more information available. Also 2002. Many of the reunions need names etc.

I've added the Devil's Disciple 1961 school play into the School Plays index lower left.

On the right I have a 19?? sports day picture of teachers. Do we know when it was?

I've also put up 1955 and 1966 teacher's pages in the Staff index on the right..

So I've done my bit to bring some of it up to date. Need help with the missing/unknown elements.

Finally I have added the obituary for Vi Wright who was much loved by virtually everyone who attended the school. The front of the service sheet has the most brilliant picture of her preparing to go yonder. The full obituary is there, too. She failed to make the last reunion by just a few weeks, but can be seen, with her habitual perfect posture, in almost all of the others.

Tony - 12th January 2016

Paul Pearse recollects menus from years ago, or was it the same reunion? Anyone know when the date the 1956 reunion took place and I can then correct its title? Paul's email dated 9th January 2016

Hi again Tony,


The 1956 reunion menu is actually the dinner menu for the 1995 reunion at the Falcon which I attended with my late wife who was in that class.

I remember it as a very enjoyable evening.

Kind regards,

Paul Pearse

Now resolved. It was the menu of the 1995 reunion and now appears on that page. Ed.

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