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Visit To Austria 1966

On 15th August 2015, Adrian Abbott wrote:

Hi Tony,

One of the conversations at the reunion centred on the school trip to Austria in 1966,

I have dug out a few items of memorabilia which may jog a few memories and enable you to begin another section.

You will notice from the itinerary that we actually arrived on the day of the World Cup final just in time to see the fourth English goal go in. The cheers from a newly arrived group of English schoolchildren rather upset a room full of German supporting locals!

Sorry about the quality of the photos but some discernible faces include, Dave Williams, Alan Sargent, Penny Boundy, Nick Barnard and some I cannot readily put names to.

If I find any more photos I will send them in due course.


Itinerary of the Austrian Visit 1966

Click images below for better versions

Austrian Hotel The group queuing The group waiting