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Adrian Abbott18th December 2014

Adrian Abbott writes: Another suggestion. How about a section on School trips abroad? I went twice to Switzerland and once to Austria.

Switzerland Group from 1965I will start the ball rolling with a photo of the Hotel Schonbuhl in Wilderswil, Switzerland taken in 1965.

That should jog a few memories! The group with Reg and Nance Morgan contains some well known faces, also Jean Littlejohns and Mary Curtis with the coach driver who I believe was called Ernst. God, didn't we look young!


We do have a school groups' section on the right of the main window and I have added Adrian's photographs to it. Clicking on the group picture will take you to the page as well. ~ Tony

16th December 2014

August reunion. We have the opportunity to make this either a finger buffet or a BBQ buffet, both with veggie options. Which would you prefer if you came. Urgent feedback please. Email update @

budecountygrammar.org or give your opinion on the facebook page or the Nostalgic Bude page. Please only vote once. LOL.

Just say BBQ or Finger.

This item finalised - finger won the vote.

14th December 2014

Roma Barnes (Leonard) writes:

Roma Barnes (Leonard)I have just seen images and news of two school friends that I would dearly like to be in contact with again! Kay(Kate) Chegwin and Sally Lavis. I have just been contacted by Naomi Dinner. I was in the 1966-69 year group.

I am looking for photos/programmes. Among some of the teachers who left a real impact on me were Mr Holdcroft (English)-witty and encouraging and two history teachers: Mr Law and Miss Martin.

I remember Mr Law for giving a talk on private schools that .touched on the idea of homo sexuality( very radical talk to sixth formers). He also gave me an amazing insight into history by talking about notions of time and ordinary peoples hidden history.

This led me to study History at Warwick University and hence my future.. Mustn't forget Miss Martin excellent notes and teaching. She dissuaded me from going into milk and agriculture to go to university instead and pursue the study of history!

So these are significant figures at a time when there was the chance to become the first generation in my family to go to university and go to the scary " new" universities which didn't demand a Latin "O level" and accepted science "O levels" to replace that missing Maths one. Would I get in nowadays I wonder?!

I did end up with a D.Phil in History so perhaps I had a fortunate time thanks to BGS.

Thanks Tony for getting this up and in action,


13th December 2014

Simon Pocock has just provided some names for the cruise picture (see right index). Anyone know any of the others?


11th December 2014

Editor's Update:


Gill Cole (Stanbury) sent me a 1971 image which I'd forgotten to put up so that now appears in the list on the right. She also provided some corrections to the names in the '62 and '67 images which have now been done.


9th December 2014

Editor's Update:

Tony Harmsworth

I finally managed to get all of the updates done so do please scroll down through this news page to catch up with all of the events. Don't forget to also look at the messages page where anyone wanting to get back in touch may have posted a message. If you want to contact someone for whom I already hold an address let me know and I'll check with them to see if they want to be put in touch, just in case they owe you money or something and would rather not be found! LOL.

Wendy Harmsworth (Cockwill)Wendy and I are down in Bude in August - housesitter/catsitter already booked - and I am waiting for prices to come in for a reunion during that week. So, please make everyone you know who went to the grammar school aware of it and suggest they subscribe to the site so that they don't miss out on further information about it.

The new site layout now has the school year photographs on the right side together with any school group pictures and images of teacher gatherings. On the left you have the news archive, reunions, features and some links. The Bude webcam is excellent although it would be nice if it were live action rather than working on the 'refresh' basis.Headmaster's Office

Can I suggest you also check out the Nostalgic Bude facebook page.

It may be a while before the forum is up and running. I'll let you know.

Finally, Adrian Abbot has sent some fascinating photographs of the old school being demolished. I am sure some will jump with joy at seeing them, but suspect that as we get older we might feel more charitable towards the old place. Click the photograph or go to 'Demise of the School' in the left hand index.

I'll send more information about the reunion as soon as we have it, but the best way to stay in the loop is to subscribe.


30th November 2014

Roma Barnes (Leonard)Roma Barnes (Leonard) writes:


Hello Tony, I am Roma Barnes, formerly Roma Leonard, from the 1966-69 year group.

I have just got around to picking up on this link to the past. As a retired history teacher I plainly have too much time on my hands! I live in Southampton now.

Your name is familiar to me. Were you in John Selby’s year? I still have contacts with John Selby who lives in South Africa (The Cape area) as he moved there years ago to work in the mining industry. He is now “retired” but does contract work. My mum was a godparent to his first daughter so hence the personal link although the family has left R.S.A. now and moved to Australia! Looking forward to hearing from you. The website sounds an interesting project!

Regards, Roma

No, not John Selby's class. I think you were in Naomi Dinner's year. I was intended to be in that year, but arrived at the school having failed everything except maths at my previous school, so went back a year to re-sit. I was actually 19 when I left. Tony

16th November 2014

Jackie Adams (Barrett)School Reunion 1995More from Jackie Adams:

Dear Tony,

Paul Pearce has asked me to send you a photograph of the 5th form School Reunion held in 1995 together with names:- Hope all is well with you both and that you are looking forward to further School Reunions! Bude is fairly quiet at the moment I expect the mad rush will soon be here though.

I have been told that your parents Hotel at Upton (Elements) serves a very good meal.

Best wishes - Jackie

 You'll find the reunion image under REUNIONS in the left column or click on this image.

Paul Vickerstaff26th September 2014

Paul Vickerstaff writes:


Hi Tony,

I have just spotted an UNKNOWN in the 2013 Re-Union.

In image 3 with Dave Morgan it is Keith Heathcote.

 Best wishes, Paul

Thanks - now corrected, Tony

26th September 2014

Bude County Grammar School CapRoger Hunter in 1960Roger Hunter has provided a number of images including his

school cap, a picture of him in uniform and a copy of the School Play programme which was staged in the Parish Hall.

I'm just putting small images of the cap and Roger's 1960 picture on this page, but if you click on them you'll get the full size versions. I've also put the School Play programme in the FEATURES section on the left side of the site.

I'd dearly love to get a photograph of one of the girl's hats. Surely someone out there has one somewhere?


7th September 2014

Angie Huzzey (Angela Laity)Angie Huzzey (Angela Laity) writes:


I am in the 1962 picture, 4th row down 17th from left. My name was Angela Laity now Huzzey.

Thanks for the memories!

Good luck, you will never know how wonderful it is for me to see and contact friends from the 50s and 60s who I had lost contact with for 50 yrs or more.

Keep it up !

1st July 2014

Lorna Cawthorne (Adams)Lorna Cawthorne (Adams) writes:


Hi Tony,

Would you please subscribe me to the Bude County Grammar School news updates.

My name is Lorna Cawthorne (nee Adams) and I attended the school from1961 - 1965. You already have me named on the 1962 photo.

Just like to point out that the girl next to me on the left is Linda Lee (Vickery), not Bate. It is her sister Sandra (in another photo) who's married name is Bate.

 I have only just found the site and am looking forward to reading your snippets of news. Jackie Adams from whom you seem to hear regularly is my cousin-in-law. I have lived most of my life in Bude only leaving for a few years here and there because of my husband's job.

Kind Regards, Lorna

2nd June 2014

Martin Faherty, a colleague of Roger Mutton sends more sad news:


Roger Mutton 1979 in CIDRoger and Wendy Mutton in 2009In your profiles there is a 1962 photograph of Roger Mutton. Roger served in the Somerset & Bath Constabulary followed by the Avon & Somerset Constabulary from 4 April 1972 to 4 February 2000.

He died in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, on 6 May 2014 and leaves a widow living in Minehead, and two adult children. I have no association with Bude Grammar but worked in the police with Roger for many years.

 I hope this information assists with your profiles. I was unable to find a photograph of Roger in uniform. The black and white photo enclosed is from 1979 when he was in CID. The colour photograph with his wife Wendy was taken at the wedding of their daughter in 2009.

The monochrome picture is full size, but you can click the colour image for a larger version.

6th May 2014

Jackie Adams (Barrett) provides this sad news:


Regret to say one of the past pupils has just passed away - RON HARRIS, late of Victoria Road, Bude and Central Avenue, Holsworthy Born January 17th 1932 - Tuesday 29th April 2014.

I would imagine he was at the Grammar School 1944 onwards. He has younger twin brothers (Charles and John also Grammar School Boys), 2 daughters Julia and Claire and 2 step-daughters Lisa and Jo.

He was a very likeable person but had suffered illness over the last few years. Employed during his career by British Telecom and in his retirement a very keen and good model engineer. He will be missed very much by Shirley, his wife, and family and friends.

26th April 2014

Janet Ainley (Budd) writes:

Janet Ainley (Budd)Hi Tony

I can’t tell you how surprised and delighted I was to stumble across the 1962 school photograph when I re-joined Facebook last night.  When I first looked at the photo which was quite small I didn’t imagine I would pick myself out but how wrong can you be!!

To hear from you today is the most amazing co-incidence/chain of events. On the spur of the moment I drove to Bude this Wednesday on my way back home to Devon from a family Easter in Truro. I was last there 3 years ago.

I came in through Widemouth and your name popped into my head as I was idly reminiscing about the old days! I recall your parents lived there.

Life is funny isn’t it?

I do want to keep updated about any of my former classmates. Trouble is I left BGS at the end of the summer term 1966 and moved up to Bristol and have lost touch with all of them. Can you possibly help with the whereabouts of Susan Mulhall (nee Daw) and Rosemary Tupper.  I see there is nothing against their photo profile but I guess this is still being developed?

Great work on the website – thank you

Cheers, Janet

18th April 2014

Another item on Sean (Lord Shayne) Bloomfield. Go to the linked page and scroll down. The original article is here.

1963 Teachers Group15th April 2014

Roger Hunter has found this photograph of the teachers in 1963 and I've put it in the TEACHERS

section in the right  hand column or you can click on it here.

If anyone has more group or teachers pictures please send them to me updates (at) budecountygrammar .org.

Please also let me have any school sports groups or any action shots from games or sports' days. Someone must have some somewhere?

School Cruise Group11th April 2014

Jane Cunio has sent a picture from a school cruise. Can everyone check it out and give me names, the itinerary of the cruise and the year. Thanks. Email to updates (at) budecountygrammar .org. You can see the full size picture under 'SCHOOL GROUPS' in the right index or click on the image.

3rd April 2014

Jackie Adams (Barrett)Jackie Adams (Barrett) (inset picture) writes:

You would be very sad to see the old Grammar School today as you have probably heard it was a Care Home and just recently it was closed as there were insufficient residents and people were quickly moved out and today it stands empty and desolate.   I expect the Ghosts of Bude Grammar are still there, actually I heard it has been purchased by McCarthy and Stone (who build flats for the elderly etc).

Another thing to relate Tessa Adams (no relation to me but a friend) ) was in the same class as Shane Bloomfield and has passed me a copy of the double page spread he appeared in, in the Daily Mirror on Wednesday February 22nd 1967.

I see from the Grammar School site some mention has been made back in January about  him and I haven't gone any further into it as I am not on Facebook. For those at school when Vi Tilzey was school secretary, she became widowed and later married Bill Wright, (Geography teacher), well she was 97 yesterday and we went out to dinner with her, her son Paul and wife Mary, and about a dozen friends. She seemed to enjoy it, she asked Paul several times 'Am I paying for all this ?', she still has a good sense of humour !!      

19th March 2014

Kate Compston (Kay Chegwin)Kate Compston (Kay Chegwin) writes:

David Williams lives at Widemouth: I see him quite often. There are others that I know are in Bude, but I haven't recognised them, maybe, or just can't bring them to the top of my mind now. I'm facebook friends with Sally Lavis.  

My brother Mike married a German girl, and they live in Germany. They have two children. Mike is an irrigation engineer, coming up to retirement age, though says he can't afford to retire yet. He goes abroad a good deal to advise on, and mastermind, irrigation projects. He comes to Bude occasionally, to visit, and I'm hoping to go out to see him in Germany this year. He's also been an OU tutor in Europe, though cuts have put paid to that now.  I started off my professional life with nearly a decade in the ministry of the United Reformed Church, then later retrained as a psychodynamic counsellor/therapist working in an agency and in the NHS. I'm retired. I have one daughter and two grandsons. Have found much in and around Bude to keep the brain cell working. Enjoy swimming, surfing, walking - and writing.

I've been back in Bude for four and a half years now, after living away for 40+ years. My married name is Compston - and I also became Kate, rather than Kay. My husband died in 2006.

Really good to have the excellent 1962 photo, which rolls back the years (though I look a decidedly grumpy 14 year old!) I enjoyed re-making contact with Jill and Iwan Davies before they died. I have regular contact with Pat Holdcroft, and see the Worralls once or twice a year: they live in Porthleven now. Rob Corney is in Bude, Di Gurd (as was), David Parsons, and others.

Thanks for what you do to keep the site going.

Best wishes

11th March 2014

Andrew Willcocks writes:

I have a couple of photos somewhere. One of a school group from the early 70s and one of a group who went on a trip to Coventry. It was interesting to see photos of some of my old teachers, especially 'Happy' Ashworth and David Williams.

The story about Reggie Morgan throwing a triangle reminded me of a time when he whacked me on the head, because I didn't understand some homework. I walked straight into 'Law Man's' office to complain and Reggie had to apologise!

25th February 2014

Allan VoddenAllan Vodden writes in reference to the 27th January item: 

Yes Jackie is right. I do have three older sisters Eileen (who lives in Ashwater) Shirley (Sherborne) and Valerie (nr Bideford) and we lived at 3 Broadclose Hill.

Shirley also went to the Grammar School and is in the 1952 picture.

I have lived in Exeter area for many years currently in Brampford Speke where we moved from the previous house in Newton St Cyres. The coincidence was we subsequently found out the buyer of the Newton St Cyres house turned out to be Helen, the daughter of our old physics teacher Peter Ashworth. Small world!.

 Best wishes.

16th February 2014

Email from Glynn Hughes. I'm sure many remember hearing about the triangle incident even if they weren't in your class. I remember hearing  of it. Tony Your email:

Glynn HughesHi Tony.

 Great work on this site. For what it's worth I am in the 1967 school photo. Now retired after 42 years of work. Currently married and living in Horsham. Visited Bude last year to reminisce and am planning another short visit this year and walk more of the Southwest Coast Path.

 I played the cello which was kept in Mr Law's office and was the guy who Reg Morgan threw a wooden blackboard triangle at in a maths lesson and had to apologise to in front of the whole or school. Fond memories of my time there especially Dartmoor hikes, playing squash and surfing.

Regards, Glynn Hughes

14th February 2014

I've been told that the young unknown lady teacher in the front of the 1962 image was a certain mademoiselle who was teaching French among other things. Does anyone know her name? She also appears in the 1963 teachers' image.

12th February 2014

I'm indebted to Milton Bolechala for finding this link to old pictures of Bude - some of them even older than the readers of this site!!



Early February 2014 - unsure of actual date

I'm really sorry about the quality of this item. I filmed it in a bit of a rush so no tripod and almost impossible to square up, but I thought it might be interesting to many of you who didn't catch the original. The presenter's location is the hollow at the top of the Bude Castle mound. A very popular hideaway for smoking, drinking and other illicit activities in the nineteen-sixties and probably throughout time! Looks as if it has had a makeover recently.

Click to watch film

31st January 2014

These are a couple of comments from Nikolas Bloomfield from the Bude Banter facebook page. Does anyone have more information:

Nikolas Bloomfield

31 January 06:19

My brothers name was Michael Sean Bloomfield, Shane, or Lord Shane as he titled himself, adopted this name when he returned to Bude after some time spent in the Merchant Navy.

Tony Harmsworth

Tony Harmsworth

31 January 07:33

Yes, knew him. Where is he now? Think he appears in one of the pictures 1962 or 1967.


Nikolas Bloomfield

31 January 09:21

1959 4th row 8th from left. Last I heard from an ex wife of his he died about 25 yrs more or less ago, I don't know for sure.

27th January 2014

Jackie Adams (Barrett) has provided another image from the April reunion. Scroll down and you'll find it with the others. She says of it:

Hello Tony,

hope you are having better weather than down here, but don't expect you are ! It was so interesting to read your latest email, you must have worked very hard as I do realise that people who do this put a lot of hours in (for all our enjoyment). (Thanks for those kind words, Jackie. Tony) I am enclosing two photographs one is of two of the 'lads' who came to the April 2013 Reunion The one on the left is Allan Vodden (who I believe had two sisters Eileen and Sheila) the girls used to live at the bottom of Broadclose Hill, and if in fact Allan is a younger brother that is where he was too. The other person in the pink shirt is Andy Walter (son of Bob Walter, the Auctioneer and Estate Agent in Belle Vue) Andy was one of five children, possibly the youngest son.

Perhaps Allan  and Andy can add to that information.

Geoffrey & Jeanette RundleAlso 27th January 2014

Jackie has provided another image which will be of interest to some readers. Click to see it full size. She says of it:

The other photograph is not a School Reunion as you can see but is of Geoffrey Rundle and his wife Jeanette, they live in New Zealand and I have corresponded with him by email since Shirley Dell (Dempster) died in 2006. I believe he was fond of her in his younger years, (her father was Frank Dempster the Photographer in Queen Street). He certainly was at the Bude Grammar School in 1952 (he is in the middle of the back row in that 1952 photograph). He is 80 now and has been in New Zealand since 1964. He and his family lived at Red Gables, Killerton Road, Bude but he was a very ill person and had to have some ground-breaking surgery around that time, he did not stay for too long at Bude.