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1997 REUNION - date unknown

Peter Cobbledick has sent me a picture of the 1997 reunion he organised. It would be great now to have the names.

BACK ROW (including those at the very back):  Mrs Holdcroft; Mr Holdcroft; Richard Pinkus; Chris Cloke; Graham Lashbrook; Mrs Wright; Maureen Gliddon, John Boundy; Mrs Davis; Mr Harris; John Gill (hidden); Robert Tape; Mr Davis; Andrew Orchard; Peter Cobbledick; Andrew Hopgood; Richard Gilbert; Michael Wright.

MIDDLE ROW: Mr Thomas; Mr Worrell; Mr Walton; unknown3; Mr Morgan; Miss Hannah; Mr Wright; Miss Kelly; Mr Borer; unknown.

FRONT ROW: Martin Grimshaw; Robert Pepper; Josephine White; Mary Tucker (Hicks); Elizabeth Cowling; Pam Hooper; Lesley Abbot; Maureen Woodley; Jane Saunderson; Ann Baines; Rosemary Mansfield. 

Click the image to see a full size version.

1997 School Reunion