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Fancy Dress Parade - 1960/61

Sheila Gumbrell (Ching) has sent me this interesting photograph of a Fancy Dress Parade.

Hi Tony,

Hope this is useful for the web site. Probably taken 1960/61 in the Castle Grounds. I can't remember much about when the photo was taken. I have vague recollection of a Fancy Dress Parade from Bude Grammar School to the Castle.

From the number of pupils there it would appear not everyone took part.

I can put a few names to faces for my class. Under the N of the Nations flag is Marion Stanbury in the Sombrero. Roma Leonard is the Dutch girl on her right. I am in front of her with Valerie Vanstone to the left Nora Skinner as a Scottish girl and Janet Wickett is on the left of the group.

There are various others scattered about that I could name. Hope this helps a little.

The whole site is looking good ,well done.

Sheila Gumbrell (Ching)

Click the image to see a full size version.

19?? Fancy Dress Parade