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Bude County Grammar Reunion - Friday 17th April 2015

I have just received this write up from David.

Dear Tony,

Reunion of class of 1948 etc. on 17 April 2015

Thank you for putting up the notice of our reunion: one person, John Amos, saw it and four people came as a result. The two Amos brothers made contact with people not seen in many years. Our numbers were not large, finally 25 altogether, but it was a satisfying evening for most who came. There were eight tables and we mostly sat talking in groups.

Having had your reminder about photos, I took my camera, and Jackie Barrett took hers, but I remembered only at the end, when few were left. The light was anyway bad, and I desisted. I phoned around afterwards, but      Jackie took none either and John Amos said none of their one or two were suitable. In our age group, now in our 70s, I suppose photographs were not the priority they were when we started 12 years ago!

We do have photos from the first 3 reunions, in 2002, 2003 and 2005, which I put out on a table, with old speech day lists etc. However, as Jackie says, they are probably "old hat" by now anyway.

I can offer you one thing for the website, my "briefBGS" note on 4pp, a brief history of the school I put together for our last reunion. Jackie also made a complete listing of the names on the 1952 school photo, which I can scan and send if she has not already sent it.

In Bude I visited the archive room in the Castle (open Mon and Wed am) and saw a new acquisition of a good framed 1921 photograph of the entire school, about 100, including quite young pupils, as at that time they took pupils from 8 up. To my surprise, Michael Smith at the crescent Post Office has the same photo, I noted "Mar 1921", but rolled not framed, with his grandmother Margery Full in the front row. It will be difficult now to name people not already labelled. [If this is posted to me (Tony) I can do an HD scan and return.]

I have scans of a school photo circa 1930 undated, which I can send if you are interested, with quite a few of the names. [Very welcome, please. I can do an HD scan if you can post it.]

All the best, and thanks again - apologies about no photos,

David Knight, 19th May 2015

The event will be in the Falcon Hotel.

David Knight has asked for this to be posted on the website. He's not been well so it was late arriving and I've only just had time to put it up. If you are interested please email David.Knight@BudeCountyGrammar.org as soon as you can and he'll tell you about space and where to send cheques. Tony

Bude Grammar School Reunion: 2nd announcement.

To class of 1948 and adjoining, and younger, classes 2nd Announcement: this year's reunion on 17th April.

 We have a room at the Falcon Hotel, Bude (as last time), starting at 7.30pm on Friday 17th April 2015. Dress: informal. June Crispin has arranged a buffet like last time's, and the same price of 13.00 pounds may allow us to get some wine to go with it.

Drinks generally are left to people to buy at the bar. Any amount left over will first go to help defray the treasurer's postage costs.

Cheques for 13 pounds per person are required.

Please pass on the information to anyone you think might be interested, even those up to ten years younger than we 48-ers, and there are quite a few who are older who still come. Partners and friends may come as well.

Over 40 of us came in April 2013, and it would be good to see more this April: the room should hold up to 60.

We have taken up an offer to put this event on the budecountygrammar.org website. It might bring in some people who have lost, or never had, contact. Tony Harmsworth, who runs the site, may pass on enquiries to us. There is a reunion already on the website, for 3 August 2015, but that is for all years and as it happens, it is almost full.

 The Falcon Hotel offers a special rate for people attending events there, so if booking, please remember to say you are coming for the Reunion. The rate, in my January email, was 55 pounds per person per night, but the Falcon by then was already running out of rooms because of an event on the following Saturday. I apologise for delay with this message: I am running at low efficiency after having been taken to hospital with a heart attack on 27 January. I hope to be there on 17 April!

Best regards to all,

David David J E Knight, Twickenham