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Jackie Adams (Barrett) has forwarded an image from Paul Pearce of the 5th form reunion held in 1995. She says of it:

FRONT ROW: Jill Perry, Jean Grigg, Dick Turner, Josie White, Di Gurd, John Ellis  

2ND ROW: John Morgan, Alfie Gliddon, Keith Heathcote, Nick Birch, Gareth Rees, Rose Tape, Mike Brock, Dave Snowden  

3RD ROW: John Harris, Marie Coleman, Anne Coleman, Penny Wort, Pat Gunn, Margaret Piper, Lesley Sherwin, Sue Bosher, Pauline Horton, Celia Cory  

4TH ROW: Vi Tilzey, Margaret Kelly, Mr Walton, Reg Morgan, Eve Baker, M Chegwin  

BACK ROW: David Williams, Bill Wright, Ewan & Jill Davis, Michael Boorer, Peter Green, Angela Pickard, Geoff Thomas, Peter Holdcroft, Arthur Harris

Click the image to see a full size version also scroll down for the menu.

1995 School Reunion

Click the image to see a full size version.

1956 School Reunion
1956 School Reunion Menu