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Protection of data: No information provided will be passed to third parties without your permission being requested. If anyone would like their name removed from the site please get in touch.


Can anyone help John Beksa? 10th November 2015

Hi Tony,


I am trying to contact Graham Bacon, who I believe was headmaster at Bude Grammar School in the mid to late 1970s.

Mr Bacon taught English at Tupton Hall Grammar School, Chesterfield, Derbyshire until the early 1970s.

He taught me from 1964 onwards & was a most inspirational teacher.

I believe he may have moved back to the North after leaving Bude. If you have any idea where he now lives I would be grateul if you could pass my e-mail address to him.

Kindest regards,

John Beksa

[If anyone has contact details pass them to me and I'll forward them to John. Ed.]

Email from Karen Morgan 30th October 2015

Had no idea this web site existed - great to see someone has started a Bude Grammar School alumni


Please send me news updates


Karen Morgan (Opie)


Email from Bob Tape 5th September 2015

Hi Tony -


I have just discovered the BCG website and it brought back lots of memories. I was there 1957 - 1964 and have the '59 & '62 photos but had forgotten lots of the names.

By the way the person on the '59 photo 3rd row, 3rd from the left given as "Unknown Gliddon" is actually Richard Gilbert.

Great job pulling it all together. -

Rob Tape


Snail Mail from Jeannette Yeo 21st 2015

Jeannette's name has now been corrected but there are still many errors and 'unknowns' within most of the pictures so please let me know if you find any. It will be particularly important in years to come when people are looking for long-gone relatives and, let's face it, we'll all be long gone sooner or later!

Letter from Jeannette Yeo (Palmer)


One of numerous additions August 2015

Request for information from Gill Cole:



Hi Tony,

Wondering if anyone has photos of a trip to Oberammergau in 1970 with Miss Martin. We stayed near Stolzenfels on the Rhine and visited Boppard, Cologne and Munich and of course saw the Passion Play.

I think that Janet Ellacott, Geraldine Wilkes and maybe Paul Gerry were on that trip.


Gill Cole

One of numerous additions August 2015

Roger Hunter has found his pilfered hymn book. Anyone else remember these? Surprised to see Roger has

left such damning evidence of theft inside the cover!

School hymn book cover School hymn book

One of numerous additions August 2015

Roger Hunter pointed me in the direction of this bench erected by former pupils. It stands beneath the castle, overlooking the river. Anyone have any history about it?

School bench Tony Harmsworth on the school bench by the River

Wendy Harmsworth (Cockwill), Tony Harmsworth, Liz Clark (Pugh) 26th July 2015

On 7th July we had a visit from Liz Clark (Pugh) and her husband who were

touring at Loch Ness. She brought with her a disc of photographs from the reunion of 27th December 1997.

We already have a page for that reunion and I've added all of the new pictures to the bottom of it. Click on this link.

Liz has provided a comprehensive list of names for the photographs, but there are still some gaps and, perhaps, married names to insert. Please help identify if you can.

 20th July 2015 (updated 25th July)

 I've had this email from Ian Hobson. I can;t find anyone called Tondaur in the photolists. Can anyone help?

I am trying to locate Brian Tondaur , who lived in Bude, Cornwall,

I met him in the airforce at Kinloss, in the late 1950's and would like to meet up again. Have you any news of his recent whereabouts or family (My enquiries in Bude have drawn blanks). He used to live at Berry's Mount, that dosen't exist anymore. I would like to contact him or any of his family members. Hope someone can help.


Ian Hobson.

 A couple of you have pointed out that there is a Brian Tondeur second from right in the back row of the 1952 photograph. I've let Ian Hobson know that the spelling was incorrect. It might help him make contact. I've also forwarded several information emails to him. Thanks.

 19th July 2015

 Roger CobbledickThanks to Roger Cobbledick for more exam papers. You'll find them all at the bottom of the right hand index. The new papers include the 1959 O level English Literature paper for those who studied Henry V and Pygmalion etc.

Roger has also sent the 1963 Advanced level papers for Mathematics which I show in the index as AS levels because he has also included the extra papers for those gluttons for punishment like me who did them as separate subjects. I remember Reggie telling Jean Littlejohns and me to read a particular applied maths problem then when he returned he said, "I hope one of you two can understand that one because I can't!" He was actually a lot cleverer than he made out though.

Finally, Roger sent the S Level papers for those who did Chemistry and Physics to Special Level. I did the Physics paper in '67 and yet the entire thing looks double Dutch to me today!

Anyway, they're now on the site for the masochists among our readers!


Mrs Vi Wright (Tilzey)16th July 2015

I am very sad to report that Mrs Wright has died. She had hoped to attend the reunion on 3rd August and I'm sure we will all miss her. Jackie Adams found this in the local press:

WRIGHT (formerly Tilzey) VIOLET on the 9th July 2015 peacefully at her home, aged 98 years, of Breakwater Road, Bude.

Much loved mum of Richard, Paul and Mary, step-mother of Michael, Susan and Alison, dearest gran to all her grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a dear aunt.

Funeral Service will be held at St Michael and All Angels Church, Bude on Tuesday 21st July at 1.00pm. Family flowers only, but donations may be given if desired for the above Church and Friends of Bude Sea Pool by retiring collection or to The Arthur Bryant Funeral Service, Morwenna Court, Princes Street, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8AT. Tel: 01 288 352282


I am sure all former pupils and staff would all like to offer Paul and his family every sympathy.


 Roger Hunter15th July 2015

 Roger Hunter, who delights in finding miscellany from various sources writes:

Attached is the entry in the Kellys Directory for Bude in 1923 concerning the school with the names of Chairman of Governors and the headmaster and headmistress. [Click it for a larger version]

Kelly's Directory entry for Bude County Grammar SchoolKelly's Directory (or more formally, the Kelly's, Post Office and Harrod & Co Directory) was a trade directory in the United Kingdom that listed all businesses and tradespeople in a particular city or town, as well as a general directory of postal addresses of local gentry, landowners, charities, and other facilities.

Just bought one on CD (the 1923 version) to see what type of info is on there. Have all the above for all of Cornwall plus some of Devon and Somerset on it for £9.99. Only 600 odd pages to trawl through :-)


 Kathy Smeeth (Keat)13th July 2015/h3>

 An item of snail-mail arrived the other day from Kathy Smeeth (Keat) giving a comprehensive list of names for the 1971 photograph. It really has filled in a huge number of gaps and the quantity of unknowns left is now quite small.

However, as the list was handwritten I can only hope I have correctly transposed all of the names. Could I ask former pupils who are in the 1971 picture to go to the list of names and double-check their perception of spellings etc. The best place to do this is on http://www.budecountygrammar.org/large1971image.html where all of the names appear above the photograph. Now that we have them all I hope to use the same hover-over principle I have used on the 1962 and 1967 pictures, but I'd like to be sure they are as near correct as possible before doing that as it is quite time-consuming.

Here is Kathy's letter which also contains lots of other interesting information: .

 Names letter


 27th June 2015

 This item was left on our facebook page. Any answers?

Peter Kinsman - ‎Bude
County Grammar School

I attended Bude Grammar School from September to December 1953. At some stage in the term, there was a recital of guitar and lute music. Can anyone remember who gave it - possibly Julian Bream early in his career?

Andrew Watts26th June 2015

More 1971 Names

 More 1971 names have been allocated to the school picture for that year. Still many more to identify. Thanks to Andy Watts for the latest additions.


Rosie Helyar (Manfield)2525th June 2015

 Email from Rosie Helyar (Manfield):

Hi Tony

Sorry I can’t make either of the reunions, but just to say that I had the part of Sister Bonaventure in that play. Somewhere I have a cutting about it but it is probably up in the loft and therefore inaccessible at the moment.

Best wishes

Rosie Helyar (nee Manfield)

1914 School Hockey Team24th June 2015

 Roger Hunter found two interesting images in a book by Adrian Abbott. The first is the hockey team from 1914 and the other image is the pavilion in 1912. I don't suppose anyone will be able to name the individuals in these pictures, but please let me know if you can. If you click the hockey picture it will take you to the 1914 hockey page. Click the pavilion to see a larger version.1912 Sports Pavilion

Hi Tony

Came across a book containing two old photos relating to the County (Grammar) school, one is a hockey team from 2014, the other of a new games pavilion built by the boys in 1912 at Broadclose. The photos are from a book created by Adrian Abbott, so he might have the original photos which might scan better.


O level Algebra paper

 31st May 2015

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!

 This should get you all shaking in your boots.

Roger Cobbledick has sent me some, (voice drops to deathly whisper), "exam papers".

  I've created a section for them which you can find at the bottom of the index on the right hand side of this page. If you click on the image it will take you to 1959 O levels, but there are also pages of 1960 O levels and 1961 A levels.

 Even the duck-egg colour will give some the shivers!

Currently three mathematics papers, physics, French and a British and European History paper as well as A level physics and chemistry are on the page.

   If anyone has any more O or A level papers I'll put those up, too. You can either send them as scanned jpg files or post them and I'll scan them and return the papers to you.

 28th May 2015

 This page has become to big to load quickly so I have moved the first three months of the year into the Archives (see left index).

1953 School Cricket Team 28th May 2015

 Trevor Lashbrook (front row, centre) posted this cricket picture on Nostalgic Bude facebook page and I have reproduced it here and created a page for the right hand school groups section.

Does anyone have any pictures of other school teams and/or games in progress?

Click the picture to go to the 1953 School Cricket Team page where you will find a larger version and list of names..

 David Knight19th May 2015

 David Knight has provided a write up on the 17th April 2015 reunion. He was a little concerned about images from old reunions being 'old hat', but, from feedback I've had about the site, such pictures are of great interest to people who no longer live within striking distance of Bude so, please, anyone with images of any reunion of any year, please let me have them and I'll put them up on their own pages as you see in the left index. David's email is on the 17th April 2015 Reunion page.

David has also provided a school history document which I've put on the site under Features in the left index. This is the link.

 15th May 2015

 I am pleased to announce that Helen Knowles, who was due to accompany Mr David Freeman to the 3rd August reunion is, as of today, to be known as Mrs Helen Freeman. Who says wrinklies can't fall in love. I've asked for a photograph.

School Play press cutting 1964

 5th May 2015

 Kate Compston (Chegwin) has also sent this follow-up email with a press cutting about the 1964 School Play. Click it to go to the page for a larger version. This was her email:

Dear Tony,

I should have looked further into my well-thumbed copy of 'Bonaventure'. Peering into it again today, I found a Bude and Stratton Post report on the play (attached, in case you can use it in any way: the photo, regrettably, is of very poor quality). I had forgotten that my mother produced the play. But then I often forgot that my mother was my mother in school.

Best wishes,


 4th May 2015

 I am in awe of Barbara Rolston (House), who has, single-handedly managed to compile a huge number of names in both the 1937 and 1938 school panorama photographs which I had been afraid might never be labelled. I'd appeal to anyone else who was at the school at that time or might have had relations there, to see if they can help fill in the gaps. Each of these individuals were people and it would be a great shame if they were to forever remain anonymous on these pages. The same applies to the many gaps which still appear in the later lists. Do please spend a moment or two seeing if you can help identify the unknowns - Donald Rumsfeld would be proud of you!

Although I've inserted the names on the two years' pages, I have put Barbara's latest email below in full as it provides an interesting insight into the people as individual characters. Click the images to see the pictures and lists. Her email:


I hope this will reach you safely. As you are aware, I’m not very competent on the PC; to tell you the truth, I much prefer my biro, but am told I must move with the times! Here are some names for the 1937 school photo.

- o O o -

Back row: UK UK Llewellyn Sandercock, Finnamore Jewell, Gerald Medland,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK, Ken Rogers, UK, UK,Ken Flower, UK, UK, Muriel Maddock, Margaret Rose, Dorothy Pearsall,UK, UK, Jean Hambly, Bernice Tape, Barbara Parsons, Margaret Allen? Flora Greenaway, Marie Ward, Pearl Flower, Margaret Lock, Barbara Carthew, Mary Vivian, UK, Barbara Trewin, UK, Celia Petvin, UK, Ruth Sampson, Mary Petherick, Christine Bennett?

Third Row: Alan Petherick,UK, UK, Jack Pickard, UK, Alan Walter? Derek Longmore? UK, UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK,UK, Norman Rowe, UK, George Tape,Edna Bray,Rachel Worsley? Freda Batten,UK,UK, Annie Prouse, Barbara Tozer, UK,Joan Francis, Barbara Petherick, Eileen Beasley, UK,UK, Beryl Gregory, UK, Barbara Oxenberry, Eva Tuffery, Marjorie Taylor, Muriel Selby, Joyce Mountjoy, Dorothy Reynolds?

Second Row: Robert Hines, UK,UK,UK, Tom Keat, Fred Crothers, UK, Ken Whately, Tom Eddy, Cyril Pearsall, Edgar Barrett, Charles Clowes, Edgar? Dawe, Mr Eddy (Maths), Mr White (Science & Biology), Mr York (Geography), Mr Wright (Headmaster), Mrs Skinner (Headmistress, French and Singing), Miss Trott( History, RE, and played the piano for assemblies and singing lessons) Miss Cooper (English, PE and games) Ethel Vickery, Betty Newman, Ruth Durston, Jean Petherick, Barbara Daniels,UK, Carol Piper,* Jean Walter, UK, Val Williams, Margaret Truscott ? UK

Sitting: Mary Parkhouse, Margaret Clowes, Margaret Wickett, Helen York, Joyce Cann, Marjorie Petherick, Jean Moyse, Emlyn Colwill, May Mossman, Betty Colwill, Stella White.

- o O o -

1937 School Group and NamesMr York was known for his expression “My boy (or girl) You’re as dim as a Toc H lamp”.

Mrs Skinner was a strict disciplinarian, but a very good teacher. Nobody, but nobody failed their School Certificate in French Oral or Written.

Muriel Maddock trained as a teacher, and taught at Bude Primary School for many years. She never married. Was easily recognised as she drove a snazzy red sports car!

Tom Eddy was awarded a special prize for never being late and never missing a day’s schooling. It should be noted that he lived just a few yards down Bramble Hill!

Fred Crothers joined the RAF, and I understand was shot down and killed early in the war. 1938 School Group and names

Ken Flower was of Cornish extraction, and worked for H.M.Customs. Later he became CIO to Ian Smith during the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe change. He wrote several books, including “Serving Secretly”. He died in 1987.

I have just read the “Looking Back” column in the Cornish and Devon Post, and under “70 years ago, April 28th 1945” it says “Among local POWs freed by the advancing Allied Armies in Europe,are Warrant Officer T.B.D. Eddy of Bude". I don’t know if he is the one in the school photo.

I hope I’ve made a better job of the list this time.

all the best,

Barbara Rolston (House)

 Barbara, you've made an incredible job. Looking forward to meeting you at the August reunion.

 3rd May 2015

 Kate Compston (Chegwin) has sent a link which I've added to those on the left. Her email:

Dear Tony,

  Might this be an interesting addition to notices on the reunion page (or as one of the links on the left hand side? Those who haven't been back to Bude for a while might like to get in the mood by looking at this excellent website: http://bude-past-and-present.org.uk

I'm also wondering about school plays. I remember that Nim Dinner and I were two of the participants in 'Bonaventure', for which I have a much-thumbed copy somewhere - but no programme. It's the only play I actually remember being in, though have a feeling there might have been another ... It was possibly not so much a 'school' production as a Drama Club one - but I do remember it being well attended in the parish hall. Anyone else remember this, or any other, performances?

All best,


 30th April 2015

1960 Prize Day Front CoverRoger Cobbledick has written with some of the missing Speech Day programmes. Can everyone please check to see if they have any more lurking in their lofts? The years provided by Roger are 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963. Click on those links to see the programmes and enlarge them. They also appear on their own pages accessible from the left index. Roger mentions he has some exam papers and I'll hopefully be able to put them up, too. Please let me have any you can find as it will help make this site more of a history site for future generations. Roger's email:

Hi Tony,

I was sorting through some old files and came across some BCGS Speech Day Programmes. In addition to programmes for 1959 and 1964 (already posted on your web page) I have programmes for 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1963. I thought you might be interested in copies.

Also I found several University of Cambridge O, A and S level examination papers from that time period. The examinations look quite difficult. I wonder what the school kids of today would make of them.



 29th April 2015

Steve Bartrop has sent me this image, taken in Athens during the 1965 cruise. Click the image to see a larger version which I have enhanced. He writes:

Hello Tony,

Athens by Steve Bartrop - shows Mr & Mrs Davis.I went on the school cruise in 1965 on the M.S.Devonia which left Venice on the 26th March, 50 years ago(!!)

Needless to say I don’t remember much about it but seeing as I am going to attend the reunion in August I thought I would try and find some pictures I took at the time. Unfortunately my pictures were deemed too poor to print due to the quality of the negatives so that’s all I have.. negatives.

I am in the process of scanning them the best I can so in the meantime please find one attached to this email. It is a picture taken near the Acropolis, Athens showing, I believe, the late Mr and Mrs Davis (our Latin teachers) in the foreground.

I’ll try and scan some of the other pictures and a log book I found in due course.


Steve Bartrop.

Steve might not have realised that this picture has a significance for Wendy and I as it is her on the left taking a photograph of Mr & Mrs Davis. Shame we don't have the image today. We look forward to seeing the others. I shall also put this image on the 1965 School Cruise Group page.

 27th April 2015

I have put a list of the student attendees of the 3rd August reunion on this Reunion Names pdf. It shows which year you would have been in the First Year and that information will appear on the badges. So it is very important for each of you to check it is right and let updates@budecountygrammar.org know if any are incorrect. Be warned, your badge will be wrongly printed  if you allow a mistake to slip through at this stage so do please check or you only have yourself to blame!

 26th April 2015

The reunion on 17th April has now passed. Hopefully there will be a write up and some pictures soon. Hope it went really well. I see Nostalgic Bude has a comment or two but nothing to us so far. Did anyone take any pictures?

 25th April 2015

John Tyson has found the 1966 Speech Day Programme. Good grief, must have been a bad year because I won one! John writes:

Hi Tony

John TysonI seemed to remember a young man in the Lower 6th getting the Physics prize the same year I got one in the fourth form.

I was digging through some old papers and found the Speech day programme. It is strange how they were held at such varying dates in the year with the “1965” one that Adrian has being the 56th, and this 1966 one being the 58th.

I also have a school magazine from 1964, which I will endeavour to scan and send on to you, although I will probably write it to CD and post it, as it is over forty pages.


John Tyson

 24th April 2015

Thanks to Roger Cobbledick for helping resolve most of the gaggle of names in the 1959 Speech Day Picture.

 23rd April 2015

We now have a list on the table plan of those joining the main reunion at 4pm for drinks and conversation. Please email me to let me know you are coming as it might encourage others and we can have badges ready for each of you at the entry desk.  updates @ budecountygrammar.org remove the space.

 14th April 2015

Patricia Trinkle (Bray) has added some more names to the 1971 panorama picture second row and Deborah Jones (Venn-Conduct) has had a stab at quite a few of the front row. Martin Abbott has helped with some in the back row. It is amazing that this picture is less well populated with  names than many earlier ones. Do have a look if you were at school in '71.

 14th April 2015

Martin Abbott has sent some more ATC pictures and has also suggested that I put a list of those who are coming to have a drink with the reunion group after the buffet is over at 4pm on 3rd August. So if you intend to come for a drink please email updates@budecountygrammar.org with your name and maiden name if applicable. I've set that up - see the table plan. Here's Martin's email:

ATC groupHi Tony,

As a late comer to this site I am obviously too late to book for the buffet on the 3rd August however I will definitely be there afterwards especially as I can see some names (apart from my brother) of people I haven't seen for a very long time!

Just a thought but I'm wondering how many other 'ex-inmates' like me, who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the buffet but will be attending after the 1600 deadline in order to meet up with some of those lucky enough to get fed, that they haven't seen since their 'release'. Would there be a space on the site somewhere to put names of people that have said they will be attending after 1600?

It may be that as the list for the buffet is closed it may put some off but perhaps seeing that there are others in the same boat it may encourage them to come along. It would also let those attending the buffet, ( whose names appear on the seating list ) have knowledge of who else will be around later.

Martin AbbottFollowing on from David Gilbert's Bude ATC photos I have attached a couple from my days with David and the 1432 Bude ATC which may raise a smile of memory for the happy 'band of brothers'.

There is an interesting one of Mr Green (or Flt Lt Green as he was then) inspecting an illicit magazine that had been smuggled into our billet. Well he was our biology teacher after all !! 

The site brings back so many memories, well done and I hope it will go from strength to strength.


Martin Abbott

 31st March 2015

I'm repeating Malcolm's original email here because I have now received the History of the School document to which he refers. The school images have been added to the Demise page in the left index under features and, in the same index you will find his 'School History Document' which is a pdf file. Most browsers open this type of file, but some readers might need to download the free Adobe reader. In a second email to me malcolm says, "I do hope it is of interest and others may be able to complete any inaccuracies I have made. as I stated at the outset it was written by an enthusiastic amateur!" Here is his original email:

Hello Tony,

School imagesI attended Bude Grammar School from 1965 until it closed as a grammar school in 1973, indeed I was in the sixth form when the school form from January 1973 until July 1973 when it morphed into the new school for Bude.

Interestingly I met last night a friend, David Gliddon, from school days, at a football match in Yeovil, we hadn't met since July 1973 and it just happened that we went our separate ways and lives. There's a lot to talk about in the intervening 42 years! needless to say we shall catch up further at the reunion in August.

School imagesMy main reason for contacting you is that after school I went off to college to train to become a teacher and subsequently spent 33 years teaching in schools in Plymouth where I still live. As part of my course I studied the history of Bude Grammar School as part of my Education Studies course and wrote a history about it with anecdotes from previous school attendees included..... It was written by a somewhat enthusiastic 21 year old (!) and I suspect if it was written today would be very different in style and content! However, I donated a copy to the Bude Museum a couple of years ago so Malcolm TownrowI assume it is still there.

I also took some photographs in a time around 1975-76 of the closed buildings before it was demolished to "enhance" my long essay. I do not claim in any way it is perfect but it did help me qualify at the time...... I have scanned the pictures and rewritten the document in Word if it is of any use.

BBest wishes,

Malcolm Townrow

Malcolm has since sent me the school images which are on the Demise link under features in the left index. I'll put the word doc up when I receive it. Should be interesting. Tony

 28th March 2015

Barbara Rolston (House) has done a wonderful job putting names to almost all of the pupils in the 1938 school photograph. Now you can all look for your parents/uncles/grandparents etc.

Simon Pocock has sent some more names for the 1971 School Picture - see right index. Amazing this is less complete than the 1938 picture.

Nick Barnard has sent a copy of yet another reunion held in 1997, that of 1st November. I've set up a page for it in the left index. Please help with the gaps in the names.

Jane Rodd writes on facebook:

My husband Andrew Rodd attended for the last 5 years of the Schools existence..we now live in the States (Vermont ) love to contact anyone who was there during that period .

Jane Rodd

Her husband writes, separately by email:


I have a name to add to your 1938 photo...Back row 2nd from the right is my mother Joan Rodd (Yeo).

She still lives in Bude and is now 87 years old.


Andrew Rodd (was at the school for its last 4 years and now lives in USA)

 28th March 2015

Mr David Freeman remembers Joseph Paynter:

Dear Tony, Mr David Freeman

I’m sad about Joe. He was in my first form when I started in September 1958, and I met him again in 2003 when he and his wife joined us (the Kernow Male Choir, organised by Terry Bale) on our trip to Australia. I was looking forward to seeing him again in August.

The 1959 school photo with list of names jogs my memory in several places; I recognise a number of pupils. I shall have to copy the list to go with my own copy of the photo. Also, I will compare this list with that of those attending the re-union, so know who to look out for.

In the Autumn term of 1959 I spent a brief time teaching chemistry at Redruth Grammar School when Freddie Worrall was Head of Science. He was Headmaster at Helston Comprehensive when I started as Head of Geography and Geology (my main subjects) there in 1973. Freddie is a very wise man, and under his leadership Helston earned a very good name countrywide. He lives in Porthleven with his wife. He is now very infirm and so gets around very little. Looking forward to August.

David Freeman


 28th March 2015

Peter WattsPeter Watts has sent me Speech Day Programmes for 1969, 1971 & 1972. You'll find them in the left index under FEATURES. When you open the pages you'll find the actual programme pages which can then be clicked upon to produce larger versions.

By all means print them out for your own family history. Remember that those of you who got degrees etc are usually featured in programmes three years after you left so don't forget to check those.

Has anyone got any more? We're still missing everything prior to 1959 also 1960, 61,62, 63, 66, 67, 68, 70. Was 1972 the last one or was there a speech day in 1973? Did Budehaven school continue the roll of honour into the following years for pupils of the old school? Does anyone know?



Walter Family around 1972 24th March 2015 - updated 28th March with image

Paul Walter writes about his siblings:

Hi Tony,

You mention my brother Andy at the top of your page. He was one of seven children in fact - six boys and one girl. He was the third oldest boy. I am the youngest boy. My five older brothers all went to Bude Grammar school (i didn't).

We lived at the Villa, the Strand. Sometimes my brothers were able to hop over the wall of our garden, slip through Mr Cann's orchard and into the school.

Best wishes /p>

Paul Walter

Obviously the site is being picked up by those who didn't attend, which is good, Paul sent this family photograph taken around 1972. I'm sure anyone who lived in Bude during the sixties and seventies knows the faces well. Click the image to see the full size version.  Tony:

 24th March 2015

David Knight writes about the 17th April Reunion. Unfortunately David had not been well so was late sending the details then I was up to my ears with other things until now, but better late than never:

Dear Tony,

David KnightThank you for your kind offer to put our event on your website. [I've set up a page here, Tony].

I paste in below the email last sent out, I am afraid a bit after the event. I expect you will remove all references to names, addresses, tel. numbers, and emails. [His detailed email is on the reunion page, Tony].

However, to help people pick up what reunion it is, you can say that it is part of a series organised by me, David Knight, of the Class of 1948 (date of entry to the school) -that started in 2002, and has been held every 2 or 3 years since. I expect Jackie Adams may have told you more. My telephone number is 020 8 892 9826, but not my email.

If the entry is full for the 3 August Reunion, then perhaps you could pass enquiries to me. [I have set up an email for David and it is David.Knight@BudeCountyGrammar.org, Tony]. He'll tell you where to send cheques.

 Thank you for your offer to help. I must try to look out and forward to you some items I have on the school that may be additional to what you have on the website.

 Yours sincerely,

David J E Knight


 24th March 2015

Rosie Helyar (Manfield) writes:


Rosie Helyar (Manfield)The letter [sent by Peter Cobbledick]ick] about the reunion in August has finally reached me after being sent to my old address in Chippenham.

I was Rosemary Manfield and my only claim to fame was playing the lead in the school play ‘Bonaventure’ produced by Mrs Chegwin!

I was Skyping with Liz in Canada yesterday and she said she is in regular contact with you via Christmas cards. /p>

Margie (or Margaret or Maggie) lives in South Carolina. I am going to visit them both this year. I looked at the website and wonder whether Unknown 5 in the 1959 Speech Day Winners photo might be Lesley Wilkes? [I've change this unless anyone says otherwise.]

I have actually moved house three times since then, but am now happily settled here in Bristol and am sending you all my contact details as below [I have Rosie's details and will give yours to her if you want to make contact for protection of data reasons, Tony]. .

I won’t be able to attend this year as I’m spending the whole of August visiting my sisters and other family in Canada and the US (Liz Archer and Margaret Dye, both Bude Grammar School alumni).

Best wishes,


 23rd March 2015

David GilbertDavid Gilbert has sent me a number of photographs of the ATC RAF group over the years from 1966 to 1970 and I've set up a page for them under school groups in the right hand index. I've added his explanatory emails there as well. The following is an extra email he sent with another image:

Hi Tony,

Peter AndersonHaving sent the ATC photographs, I thought I might as well send this picture as well. It was taken at a "fishing exhibition" that was held on the canal and I would have been about 10 years old, so that would make it 1963.

It's me that's holding the rod and reeling in the line but I can't remember who my assistants are.

However, I do seem to remember that the gentleman doing the casting was a Scotsman by the name of Peter Anderson. He was a champion fly-fisherman and distance and accuracy caster. My reason for sending it is that I thought Wendy might like to send it to her brother, Peter Cockwill [famous fisherman these days].

See you in August.

Kind regards,

 Dave Gilbert

 22nd March 2015

John Kenyon sent me this photograph and email. Click the photograph for a larger version:

Dear Tony,

Birmingham Careers VisitThanks for keeping us up to date, and for the great work you are doing on the website. I was particularly interested to see the old school magazines - I had completely forgotten we had them! The report on the school careers visit to Birmingham was of particular interest, as I was on that trip, and the report brought back fond memories. John Kenyon

I attach a photograph I took on the bus during the trip. The boys involved are (left to right) Richard Boon, John Jones, Keith Humphries, John Spry and Keith Sanders. The quality of the photo is very poor, but it might be of interest!

I am sorry I will be unable to attend the forthcoming reunion, but as I am now disabled I feel it would be impractical to come to Bude in August.

However, I wish you all well, and ask that you pass on my regards to Arthur Harris, if he remembers me (probably not!) - he seems to be the only one of my teachers still alive.

John Kenyon

Adrian Abbott 21st March 2015

Adrian Abbott (pic) has kindly sent me the Speech Day Programmes for both 1964 and 1965. You can view them by clicking on them in the FEATURES secion on the left of the website.


 20th March 2015

1960/1 Fancy Dress ParadeSheila Gumbrell (Ching) has sent this fascinating image of a Fancy Dress Parade sometime around 1960/1. I've set up a page for it on the right of the page under school groups or you can click on the image.

Sheila Gumbrell (Ching)Hi Tony,

Hope this is useful for the web site. Probably taken 1960/61 in the Castle Grounds. I can't remember much about when the photo was taken. I have vague recollection of a Fancy Dress Parade from Bude Grammar School to the Castle.

From the number of pupils there it would appear not everyone took part.

I can put a few names to faces for my class. Under the N of the Nations flag is Marion Stanbury in the Sombrero. Roma Leonard is the Dutch girl on her right. I am in front of her with Valerie Vanstone to the left Nora Skinner as a Scottish girl and Janet Wickett is on the left of the group.

There are various others scattered about that I could name. Hope this helps a little.

The whole site is looking good ,well done.

Sheila Gumbrell (Ching)

Anne Day (Worden)

 19th March 2015

Well done on this reunion.

Really sorry I can't be there but will be thinking of you all and hoping there is another occasion.

Anne Day (Worden)

 18th March 2015

27th December 1997 ReunionLiz Clark (Pugh) has just sent me this image of the 27th December 1997 reunion and promises more images to come. Click on the image to go to the new 27th December Reunion page or find it in the left column, Tony

Hi Tony,

Here is the group photo for our Reunion on 27 December 1997, which was held at the Bullers Arms, Marhamchurch. I hope you get this.

This is a different reunion to the one where Peter Cobbledick provided a photo. This was later in the year.

The other photos I have I will put on a disk and will forward that.

Liz Clark (Pugh)


 17th March 2015

Joseph PaynterThis news has just arrived via Adrian Abbott so I thought it had better jump the queue. Some of you who knew him might want to be at the funeral:


Just to let you know that ex-pupil Joseph Paynter died suddenly on Monday 9th.

A Service of Remembrance will be held at North Petherwin parish church at 4.pm on Thursday 19th March following a private funeral.

He was looking forward very much to attending the get together in August.


 Josephine Shadrick (White)6th March 2015

Peter Cobbledick sent out some letters to people on his reunion list and this reply has just arrived from Brian Shadrick:

I am sorry to have to inform you that my late wife Josephine Shadrick (White) passed away on the 7th October 2007 after a long batle with cancer.

I'm sure she would have wished all her classmates a successful and enjoyable day.

Yours truly,

Brian Shadrick

 28th February 2015

Joan Bradshaw (Fry) gives us some lovely anecdotes:

Looked at the archives last night and thought you may be interested in he following:-

Joan Bradshaw (Fry)The last 21 yrs. of my working life were spent as clerical assistant at St. Hilary residential home ( site of the grammar school) as I am sure you know.

I was taught by Reggie Morgan for maths and Eve Baker for French. Strangely enough they both spent time at St. Hilary. One afternoon Reggie was at the Day Centre and a bell rang somewhere – thinking school was over he walked home!!!

Eve Baker was a resident and still treated me as if I was one of her pupils!!

My father spent the last five years of his life in the home after I retired and Nancy Morgan was frequently on respite care in the same wing as him. I enjoyed my visits and she liked nothing better than going back over ‘the old days’ and talking about Reggie.

Having gone to the grammar school then working on the same site I used to joke that I might end my days there in the home – however sadly the home is no more but as it is probably being built on by McCarthy and Stone I could still be on the same site!!!

Hope these snippets entertain you.



 27th February 2015

Roger Hunter has found a couple of aerial pictures of the school. I've put them on the Demise page in the left index under FEATURES or click on the image below.

School from the air

Joan Bradshaw (Fry) has managed to add some more names to the 1959 Speech Day Group in the right index. Can anyone else fill in the gaps?

Peter Watts has helped populate the 1971 School picture with a lot of new names - right index.

David Gilbert has sent some evidence that the 1967 cruise was on the Devonia - go to the 1967 School Cruise Group page in the right index and scroll down.

 26th February 2015

David Gilbert has provided me with wonderful scans of the 1967 & 1971 school panorama pictures. I've replaced the '71 images, but it might take a while to replace the 1967 image because I have a bit-map on it to allow names to appear when you hover over it. However, if you wish to see the version David sent me you will see a link just above the existing image on the 1967 page.

Lots of other material has arrived which will take a while to work through.

 17th February 2015

Liz Clark (Pugh) writes:

Congratulations on the arrangements for the reunion.  I live in Canberra, Australia and although I'm in the UK in June and July I'm unable to attend due to my son's wedding in late July in Hong Kong.  I am disappointed I will not be able to attend but I am sure you will have a wonderful time.  ENJOY!!

Would you like to send me the spreadsheet for the 1971 photo as I remember quite a few people on it.

There was a reunion in Dec 1997 for our year - we left BGS in 1972. [This is now on the site - see left index.]  I have around 40 photos including teachers from that night and would be happy to forward them to you.  I note a number of those who attended are also attending in Aug.

I'll be in Bude in June/July and would love to catch up with a few who are attending and I think still live in the area.  I would appreciate it if you could pass a message to Pauline Smeeth and Sheila Vodden, incl my email, saying I'd like to catch up when I'm there.  Hope this is not an inconvenience. [Always happy to help. Ed.]

Best wishes

Liz Clark (Pugh)

 17th February 2015

David Freeman, teacher from 1959 reminisces:

Dear Tony,

I have a copy of the 1959 school photo, you know, the panorama-type.  That year was the 50th Anniversary of the school, and we had a few celebratory activities, but I don’t recall what they were.  By the way I recognised the name Peter Cobbledick, and I think I found him on the photo mainly because I believe he was quite tall.  Other faces I recognise but as yet cannot put names to them. However I don’t have any other photos.

I remember at lunchtimes helping to escort pupils down to the dining room/kitchens on the other side of the river. Also, one morning  being handed a list of O level repeat candidates, writing paper, exam papers and the key to the W.I. Hall and told to set up the room, with the help of the candidates, and start the exam.  When I retired and went on to do invigilation I had to attend an induction session, and expected to read a thick book on do’s and don’ts,  Nothing left to good old common sense!


David Freeman

 17th February 2015

Roger Cobbledick and I were recently discussing the early 30's photograph and he thinks his uncle might be able to identify some. Is anyone able to take a copy of the picture to show him? Ed.

able to take a copy of the picture to show him? Ed.

This is Roger's latest email:

I phoned my uncle.  He thinks that he left BCGS in 1933.  I can't identify my uncle in the 1932 group photo.  It is a small group compared with the 1937 and 1938 groups so not sure if it includes the entire school group.  My uncle might be able to identify some of the pupils and teachers.  I live in Canada and I don't know when I might visit Bude.  I could print out the group photos and mail to my uncle if you like.  Alternatively is there anyone in Bude who could visit my uncle at the Red Gables Retirement Home with copies of the photos?


 If anyone is able to make this visit please contact me at update @ budecountygrammar .org Ed

 16th February 2015

Sally Lavis and Roma Barnes (Leonard) need ground floor accommodation for the reunion. Are there any school friends or local residents who could put them up for a couple or nights? If so please write to me at reunion @ budecountygrammar .org and I'll put you in touch.

 15th February 2015

Some more names added to the 1971 photograph thanks to Gill Cole (Stanbury) and Helen Rutherford (Higson). Helen has made up a spreadsheet for this photograph which makes it easier to add names. Email updates @ BudeCountyGrammar .org if you would like it.

 13th February 2015

This is your worst nightmare - it's Friday the 13th and Roma Barnes (Leonard) has sent us School Magazines from 1961, 1962, 1963 & 1965. So, be prepared to re-read those awful short story competition entries, some of the most dreadful poems the world has ever seen, amateur journalism the like of which would have newspaper editors of the time rolling in their graves!

The magazines also contain some great sixties' artwork from the likes of Pete Holland, Penny Wort, Naomi Dinner, Gareth Rees, Jean Grigg, Janet Mead, Susan Wright, MP, BT, RD, Charles Harris, L Wilkes, Susan Parish, JW, Anne Cobbledick, P Taylor, Sheila Ching, Nora Skinner, D. Sampson, PG, Rosanne, Leslie Crowell and Roma herself. I wonder who these famous people were who signed only their initials knowing that when their masterpieces were discovered over fifty years later we would all instantly know who they were. Let me know if anyone can fill in the names from the initials.

Enjoy! Or is that too much to expect? Ed.

The magazines are listed in a new index on the left for future reference or you can get to them by clicking on the covers below.

1961 1962 1963 1965

 12th February 2015

Roma Barnes (Leonard) has sent me some pictures taken at school. This should embarrass several people!! It would be nice to have surnames of people for whom I don't have them in these pictures and also all of the names in the two group photographs. I've scanned the groups in hi-rez. I've also done a hi-rez scan of the school sportsday image with Kate Compston (Kay Chegwin) running for anyone wishing to identify themselves in the background where Mr Green appears to be standing. The scan also shows that Kate appears to running a la Zola Budd!

If you click on the images they will open in their own pages and if you then click the three bottom hi-rez images they will be enlarged still further.

Sheila, Naomi, Kay Lynda & Gilbert
Sheila, Roma & Kay Cecil, Lynda, Jackie, Gilbert & Andy lying down.
Sheil & Val Naomi & Mr Harris
Kay throwing the javelin Kay finishing the 220 yard sprint
Group One Group Two

 27th January 2015

Tessa Adams (Wadge) has sent us a copy of the 1959 Speech Day Programme which I have scanned and put up under features in the left index. Clicking the small version here will also take you to the page.

Tessa writes:

Tessa Adams (Wadge)Enclosed is the BGS Speech Day Programme for 1959. It's a bit scruffy and I'll quite understand if you decide not to use it - probably there are much better preserved copies around.

I had the Art prize the following year, but my family had moved away to Sussex before the 1960 Speech Day.

[1959 picture] It looks like Pat Martyn standing first left and Diane Gurd 4th left? Pity it's not very clear.

Tessa Adams

Don't worry about the quality of such items as the programme. We can always replace it if a better one comes along at a later date. Ed.

1959 Bude County Grammar School Speech Day Programme

Gillian Cole (Stanbury)

 25th January 2015

Gillian Cole (Stanbury) found this item in the Cornwall and Devon Post. Hopefully it will bring it to the attention of those who don't use email or the Internet. It still shows a web page, but anyone can go to a public library to look up a website. Currently there are 30 tickets remaining. Ed

Devon & Cornwall Post item

 21st January 2015

Some of you who were in the school in 1958/9 might remember a teacher called Mr David Freeman. He appears in the 1959 picture. He's provided the following background:

Mr David Freeman (1959 school photo)My “tenure” at Bude G.S. was very short: September 1958 to April 1959, i.e. two terms. It was my first foray into teaching having graduated (as a Geologist) in a few months previously. One could go straight from University to teaching in those days.

At Bude I taught Physics up to O level (I think Mr Morgan did the A level, Arthur Harris may remember), R.E. throughout the school, and Boys’ P.E.

I have many memories, mostly good, of those times. I recall the Head Boy’s surname was Hocking. I hope there will be some old pupils of that era at the reunion. The guest accompanying me will be Mrs. Helen Knowles.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Mr Freeman is on Table 7 if any who know him wish to join him there. Ed.

 21st January 2015

Milton Bolechala in 1962Milton Bolechala writes in response for the request for cruise information:

I went on on a cruise organised by BGS, departing Plymouth (on the Uganda of course..still have the Ship’s Certificate, stating which “watch/crew” I was in somewhere) bound for Madeira, Tangiers, Cadiz, Lisbon & back to Plymouth.

I am not sure if that trip, sorry year escapes me, included maybe Stratton Secondary Modern elements were on board - not at all sure on that.

Sorry, will not be able to make the reunion this year.

Best Regards, Milton

Does this trigger any more memories for anyone. If so let me know if you have anything to add, like photographs and the year etc. Ed.

 19th January 2015Liz Archer (Manfield)

Liz Archer (Manfield) writes:

I'm sorry that I won't be able to come to the reunion as we won't be in the UK at that date. We are considering coming later in the year for a Manfield family reunion.

It would have been great to have seen you all from the school after all these years! Look forward to seeing the pictures!

If anyone wants to contact Liz about their visit later in the year, if you don't have her contact details write to update@budecountygrammar.org and we'll forward your email. Ed.

 Gillian Cole (Stanbury)18th  January 2015

Gillian Cole (Stanbury) has provided a whole raft of names for the second row of the 1971 photograph. Remember this is a very large image so will take a while to load if you have a slow connection.

I've put the names on the '71 page and I've counted and created a lot of numbered, unknowns to make naming easier.

Please try to include the row and the unknown number when providing names.

Roma Barnes (Leonard)   16th January 2015

Roma Barnes (Leonard) writes:

I am still looking over the web pages and the film of “dear old Bude”. I like Mr Bickle’s account of trying to get to school and facing the cane if late!.

I remember the Bickle family as customers of my parents when they ran the “By-pass Garage” in Stratton. The garage no longer exists and I was shocked to find it had gone. My years in Stratton/Bude were spent helping serve petrol at that garage and watching the bungalow "Gorse Hollow" being built there!

  16th January 2015


I know a lot of you are interested in joining the reunion and might be procrastinating over booking so I just want to update you. There are already 44 booked out of a maximum of 120 and it has only been open for four days.

The Bude and Stratton Post plus the Cornwall and Devon Post are likely to feature the reunion in upcoming editions and so those final 70+ seats could go very rapidly. I don't want anyone who is really keen to miss out hence this fair warning.

If you go to this page: REUNION TABLE PLAN, you will see who is currently booked and we are delighted to confirm that Peter and Rosemary Green and Arthur and Jean Harris are already confirmed. We are still awaiting a response from the other teachers and Mrs Wright.

The details of the re-union and how to book is on the REUNION BOOKING PAGE.

The room is fully disabled accessible - many of us are getting more frail as the years pass. The buffet is substantial and we have the room until 6pm so plenty of time for mingling, socialising and reminiscing.

Don't leave it too late. While the opportunity to take part in a large reunion like this might recur, it is unlikely to be so comprehensive.

Liz James' (Fanson) cruise image Liz James' (Fanson) cruise image 14th January 2015


Liz James (Fanson) has sent me these images but they don't seem to be the same cruise as the other one on the 1967 cruise page. Anyone know about it?

Click on them to find them on the 1967 cruise page and then click the images as they appear on that page to see larger versions. e to see larger versions. /p>

1959 Bude Prize Winners14th January 2015


Thanks to Roger Hunter for noticing this image which appears on the Bude Past & Present website. I wonder if anyone is able put names to this picture. Click on the picture to go to the 1959 Prize Winners' page I've created which can also be found in the index on the right.

13th January 2015


The Falcon hotel Ackland suite has been booked for Monday 3rd August from 1.30pm until 6pm. It has full disabled access and there will be a late-lunch buffet at 2pm with arrival at 1.30pm. There are still some teachers and staff who live in the area and we will be inviting them to join the ex-pupils. The event is open to all ex-pupils and their spouses/partners and tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis beginning now.

This page provides more information and how to book.

This is the current table plan which will be updated regularly.

If you want to organise separate get-togethers for after the event by all means provide details and they will be published on this news page. Do also check out the message page in the top index.

SEE THE ARCHIVES (near the top of the left index) FOR EARLIER NEWS