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Baltic School Cruise Group July 1967

Thanks to Jane Cunio for this one. We think we have most of the names correct now. Please let me know if any are wrong. It was the ‘Devonia’ for the Baltic cruise, and we called at Visby (Sweden), Helsinki, Leningrad (as it was) and Copenhagen. Clive Purell remembers there being a rail extension to Moscow and back as an option and also going through the Kiel Canal. [Note the name of the vessel is under dispute].

 Click the photograph for a larger version.

Thanks to David Gilbert for the certificate - scroll down.

Sitting from left: Clive Purell, Kay Williams, Gill Hobbs (Pocock), Lydia Reed, Margaret Bickle, Jane Cunio (Marsh), Janet Ellicott (behind), Linda Parsons

Standing from left: Miss Martin, Roger Hartrey, Marie Bray, Jane Brown, Anna Piotrowicz, Jen Hart, Paul Curtis, Angie Holman, Mrs Law, Mr Law, Theresa Parsons, Geraldine Wilkes, Liz Routley, June Bath

On stairs from top: David Frost, Andy Walter, David Gilbert, Mick Daw, Ivor Gliddon, Dave Ricketts

School Cruise Group
David Gilbert's Cruise Certificate