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Devonia Mediterranean School Cruise Group 1965


We had only a single colour image taken on this cruise. It was taken by Ian King and shows Linda Oxley (Hall) during an on-board disco, apparently. A second image came to light thanks to Steve Bartrop and shows Wendy Harmsworth (Cockwill) who wrote this text for the 1965 School Magazine. Scroll down for the images.

New images provided by Tim Bridgeman. See his email on the home page.

Click on the images to see a larger version and then click on that to zoom in.

1965 Devonshire Cruise 1965 Devonshire Cruise
1965 Devonshire Cruise 1965 Devonshire Cruise

1965 School Cruise Text

Linda Oxley (Hall) on the Devonia taken by Ian KingThe only colour picture we have which was taken on the Devonia is this oneMr & Mrs Davis in Athens thanks to Ian King. The subject is Linda Oxley (Hall).

This second image taken by Steve Bartrop shows Mr & Mrs Davis and it appears to be Wendy Harmsworth (Cockwill) who wrote the above article, on the left side of the image.

I have enhanced Steve's monochrome image for the version you click upon.