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Milton and Anne BolechalaMilton Bolechala in 1962This email has just (13th November 2013) arrived from Milton Bolechala - the images are clickable: 

Thank you so much for doing all of this work for us old (now) former BGS students/pupils/delinquents.

Brief resume, for me 1962 back row centre Milton Bolechala. After BGS general bumming around, then Damascene Revelation. OK being a Bum when you are 19, not so good when you reach 29, 39, 49 etc. Got act together & voila!

Joined the Life Guards' Mounted Squadron of the Household Cavalry in 1967 engaged in State Ceremonial Duties until leaving in 1976. Directly into the Metropolitan Police serving in South East London in various roles. Finished service at New Scotland Yard December 1999 on full pension (Military Service counting towards Police Pension).

Have remained happily retired since then with my wife Anne in a Home for the Terminally Bewildered overlooking the English Channel & wondering how come they never made it across to us in WWII & being grateful they never did. Click images to enlarge.

Anyone else got a mini-life story to share? Great to know what happens to people after they left school. Tony, 13th November 2013

I've just uploaded a better 1952 image. Scroll down and then click on it. I'm indebted to Jackie Adams (Barrett) for the comprehensive list of names. I hope I've transposed

them correctly. If anyone finds any errors please let me know.

Tony, 11th November 2013

I've just finished labelling each pupil in the 1962 picture. Please take a minute to check it out and let me know if there are any errors or if you notice an incorrect name etc.

Thanks. The image is here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As part of website housekeeping I have just changed a number of file locations on the remote server so if you click anything on one of the large 1962 or 1967 images and you get a "404 page not found" error, then reload the page you clicked on and it should work fine. Sorry for any inconvenience. Any other errors ... please let me know.

Tony, 9th November 2013

The number of former pupils getting in touch has dropped off in the last month or two. Please tell anyone you know to send in their email address to be added to the

circulation for changes on this site. SITE EMAIL

Nancy Morgan death notice - wife of Reg Morgan teacherReg Morgan - Mathematics TeacherNANCY MORGAN

I'm indebted to Adrian Abbot for letting me have Nancy's death notice.

When I was in Bude, years after leaving school, I always tried to get to see Reg, but towards the end he was suffering from dementia. On the last occasion he barely recognised me which was sad. I was the only pupil taking Pure and Applied Maths as separate subjects with Reg and the lessons often deteriorated into laughter as we tried to work out what the text book actually meant in its examples. It was blind leading the blind. He wasn't really geared up to teach the subjects separately, but it didn't affect my results - I'd have failed anyway!

His favourite saying was "Say what you mean and mean what you say," and I am sure many former pupils will remember him saying that.

I only visited Nancy once after Reg died and she was very philosophical about it. I think she really regretted the dementia stealing their last few years from each other.

Tony Harmsworth, 9th November 2013.


Thanks to Helen Rutherford (Higson), Peter's cousin, for coming back to us with more information about Peter. I am sure other pupils will appreciate it.

Peter moved to Bude from Canada.

Siblings who attended BGS: Rennie D Higson. Cousins who attended BGS: Patricia Higson, Helen Higson, Graeme Higson, Rennie M Higson.

Pete and his family returned to England from Canada after the death of his father my uncle. They came to Bude because of family connections( i.e. we were living there ) My father worked for the GPO (British Telecom) at Widemouth Bay, we moved to Bude in 1961. Pete was about 4 years older than me and his brother Rennie about 6 months younger.

I know he kept in contact with some of his mates from Bude, they’d get together every now and then and have a jam session but I don’t know who exactly.

A close friend for a couple of years was Pauline Ellicott she was a bridesmaid at his sister Linda’s wedding.

Pete worked for the GPO for a while after leaving school then moved into teaching, his wife Val was a teacher, too and they have three children.

He died earlier this year having all but beaten non Hodgkins lymphoma, complications caused through a final treatment procedure were irreversible and fatal.

Added 17th October 2013

Peter Cobbledick, re the 1959 image, advises: "Back row Fourth Row Trevor Lashbrook is Graham Lashbrook, Dennis Bloomfield is Shane Bloomfield. Third row. 17 Porret (sic)

Second row Robert Gill is John Gill. front row 4 Kevin ? 15 Geoff Rice 18 Brian 21 “tweedy’ Harris"

I've updated the above on the image. Added 16th October 2013.


Roger Hunter, who tends to keep a closer eye on Bude matters than most of us, asks, "Does anyone remember a lad at school called Peter Higson? He joined my class in year two or three and pretty sure he moved over from Canada. I can't see him listed in either of the two photos, which cover that period, but he may be one of the "unknowns". I am afraid this is leading to some bad news as there is an item under Stratton News that the "Stratton Ratpack" are not having their annual reunion as two of their members including Peter have passed away in recent months,

My only other memory of Peter was that he was involved with a band ,maybe behind the scenes, not sure he was actually in the band. I remember Les Crowell was definitely one playing member but can't remember the others or the band name. Maybe a reader knew him socially and remember more than me, if so let the site know? The other lad who passed away was Tony Browne who I knew, and I think he went to Stratton Sec Modern. Coming back to Peter, I see there's a girl in one of the photos who's surname includes Higson, may have been her maiden name and maybe she was a sister to Peter?"

Can anyone add more to this story? If so EMAIL the site. Added 16th October 2013.


Roger Hunter says, "This web page of the old Bude Railway Station which closed in the 1960's may be of interest for some, links to eight pages of photographs at the bottom of the

page. Spent all my childhood playing around there, wouldn't be allowed these days."

I've also put this link at the top of the page so that it can be found easily.


Margaret Hookway, who was at the school between 1969 and 1973 is asking if anyone has any images of the school itself. If so please send them to the site (SITE EMAIL) and I'll put them up. Also, were there really no more pictures taken at the April reunion? Surely someone else had a camera with them? Reminder that we still don't know who the person is in the picture with Dave Morgan. Does anyone know? Sorry that I still haven't finished tagging the 1962 picture. It will happen eventually. 5th August 2013.



I am indebted to Roger Hunter for copying the obituary from the Bude & Stratton Post from one of our former teachers, Mrs Pat Clark.

He mentions that she actually died in St Hilary's Residential Home which happened to be built on the site of the old grammar school.

You can read the obituary HERE. If you have trouble reading the image don't forget you can hold down Ctrl and press + to enlarge the image in your browser.

Roger Hunter has sent in the following link to a film made by Peter Truscott of Truscott DIY store. He's no David Dimbleby, but it is, none the less, interesting for Bude residents and ex-residents.

Click to watch film

There was a reunion on 19th April. If anyone who went has images, please email them in, but don't forget to say who is who.

Note that it will take some time to enter anything up on the individual profile pages. Want to get the pictures working properly first.

LATEST: We've just added the 1932 & 1952 school group pictures.

3rd March 2013 Tony



Click the image for a larger version

1968 Rugby Team

BACK ROW: Mike Smith; John Tyson; Trevor Squire; Clive Purell; Keith Gliddon; David Parsons; Richard Greenway

FRONT ROW: Paul Vickerstaff; Barry Burrow; David Frost; Mr. Law (Headmaster); Nick Brown; Paul Curtis; Paul Davey; Alan Sergeant

Webmaster note to check image reproduces accurately when clicked.