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ATC RAF Group Pictures

 Following David's email and pictures which you will find beneath these, Martin Abbott has sent some more.

Hi Tony,

As a late comer to this site I am obviously too late to book for the buffet on the 3rd August however I will definitely be there afterwards especially as I can see some names (apart from my brother) of people I haven't seen for a very long time!

Following on from David Gilbert's Bude ATC photos I have attached a couple from my days with David and the 1432 Bude ATC which may raise a smile of memory for the happy 'band of brothers'.

There is an interesting one of Mr Green (or Flt Lt Green as he was then) inspecting an illicit magazine that had been smuggled into our billet. Well he was our biology teacher after all!!

The site brings back so many memories, well done and I hope it will go from strength to strength.


Martin Abbott


Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Picture 4 Picture 5  

   David Gilbert has sent me a number of images and they appear below. Click on them to see larger versions. I've added Dave's emails here, too.

Hi Tony,

Further to my earlier comment about ATC photographs please find attached the first 2 of 6.

If I remember correctly this would have been my first Summer Camp - RAF South Cerney in 1967. No doubt Peter Green could correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I think the group photograph was taken at South Cerney, but I can't remember any names or even the names of the Squadrons.

Those pictured in our Squadron are (left to right):- Flight Lieutenant Peter Green Back Row:- Alan Hayward / Michael Daw / David Ricketts / Roger Pascoe Front Row:- me / Andrew Walters / Peter Jenkins I'll get some more sent in due course.

Kind regards,


PS - it's a shame about the quality - but there was no HD back then.


ATC 1966 ATC RAF 2

I think this was taken at RAF Fairford in 1968.

From left to right we are:- Michael Bennett / Michael Dawe / Martin Abbott / John Walters / Flt Lt Peter Green / Michael Philp / David Gilbert / Mark Wharpshire & Malcolm Townrow

RAF Fairford 1968

I don't suppose anyone else would be interested in this one as I was the only 1 to attend this camp.

I know Mark Wharpshire went to RAF Gutersloh but I don't know if he has any pictures.

I'm in the middle of the front row next to the Corporal - sadly I can't remember anyone else's name.

RAF Wildenrath 1969

I think this photograph was taken at RAF Scampton in 1970.

From left to right we are:- Standing - Flt Lt Peter Green / David Gilbert / Graham Madge / Keith Meaker (Hartland) / Unknown (Hartland?) / Michael Bennett / Barry Endean (Hartland - Motorcycle Policeman) Unknown (Hartland) / Alan Downey (Hartland) / Andrew Watts & Flying Officer Michael Miller

Kneeling - Unknown (Hartland?) / Thomas Gilbert (my brother) / Philip Walters / Unknown (Hartland?) / Michael Jennings (Stratton Secondary Modern) / Unknown (Hartland?) & Robert Hailey (Stratton Secondary Modern?)

I can't remember what the relationship was with the Hartland lads but I do remember having one helluva good laugh with them, and even though Barry Endean was a motorcycle cop he enjoyed being 1 of the lads as well. Also, I've said that Robert Hailey went to Stratton but he was deaf so he might well have attended a different school.

RAF Scampton 1970

This is the last of my ATC pictures and as you can see there's Gilbert Parsons and myself helping out at some local dignitaries dinner.

I can't remember what the function was for but I believe it was held in the Westcliff Hotel in 1969.

David Gilbert & Gilbert Parsons waiting table