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Heather Chapman (Martindale) has just sent me Tim Martindale's picture of the reunion in 2001. I'll eventually tag the faces, but in the meantime Heather has provided this list:

BUDE GRAMMAR SCHOOL REUNION – JULY 7TH 2001 Class of '67 – '71

Key - click image for a larger version in a separate window.

Front row left to right: Janet Distin (nee Savage), Linda Slee (nee Crocker), Jane Baird (nee Hartrey), Ros Down (nee Orchard), Terry Jennings, Simon Pocock, Caroline Robinson (nee Munks), Mrs Harding (nee Kelly), Mary Higson (nee Hartrey), Eveline Wonnacott, Martin Abbott, Sue Cox (nee Buse), Tony Johns, Gail Williams (nee Page), Trevor Gliddon, George Hemming.

Stairs row from left to right: Mr Davies, David Williams, Heather Chapman (nee Martindale), Arthur Harris, Brian Hole and his wife, Christine Jenkins, Mrs Davies, Peter Ashworth, Michael Philp, Helen Cole (nee Beswetherick), Gillian Williams (nee Waterson), Graham Daw, Paul Gerry, John Walter, Judy Rolston, David Tippett.

 2001 Reunion of the class of 1967-71