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1st November 1997 REUNION

Nick Barnard has sent me a picture of the 1st November 1997 reunion which he says is of the 1961 intake and was the last class to have a complete education there. Is that correct? I'm just thinking that the last year was 1973 so would that not make the last intake 1966?

It was held at the Falcon Hotel.

Nick has provided most of the names. Can anyone fill in the gaps? Tony.

BACK ROW: Anthony Parnell, John Tyson, Graham Hodgson, Mr Arthur Harris, David Cloke, Mr Peter Ashworth, David Harris, Keith Gliddon, Paul Vickerstaff, Mr Peter Green, Paul Davey, Mr Iwan Davies, Brian Burrow, Mr Bill Wright, Mike Smith, Mrs Pat Holdcroft, Nick Barnard, Mr Peter Holdcroft.

MIDDLE ROW: David Williams, Mr Worrell, Mrs Margaret Chegwin, Mrs Clarke, Mr Reg Morgan, Mrs Jill Davis, Mrs Hannah, Mrs Vi Wright, Mr Thomas Law, Mrs Harding (Kelly), Jean Conroy (Vodden).

FRONT ROW: Anne Cave (Jennings), Sue Beswetherick (Pocock), Diane Bacon (Durston), Lynda Pell (Spry), Phillippa Fitzpatrick (Gerry), Jane Sheppard (Vickery), Joyce Caine (Wickett), Janet Prout (Martindale), Bobby Sutton (Clarke), Janice Harman (Taylor), Wendy Madge (Davis).

Click the image to see a full size version.

1997 November 1st School Reunion